Ariana Grande Tweets About ‘Pain’ As She & Pete Davidson ‘Made An Agreement’ To N

Why so cryptic, Ariana Grande?

As we reported, the No Tears Left To Cry singer seemingly slammed ex-fiancé Pete Davidson and his shady Saturday Night Live promo, where he jokingly proposes to musical guest Maggie Rogers.

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On Friday, the musician went back on Twitter, and posted mysterious messages about “pain” and “patience.”

While it’s easy to assume that the 25-year-old starlet is shading her ex,  some fans think these tweets are simply lyrics for her upcoming album.

On the topic of the SNL promo, an E! News source says Grande “wasn’t amused” by the joke as she and Davidson reportedly agreed to NOT discuss their relationship post-split. The insider explained:

“She wasn’t amused by Pete’s jokes at all… They made an agreement that they would not address their relationship or discuss it after they split up. He violated that agreement and it really hurt her. She knew he would see her tweet.”

Although Pete uses comedy as a form of pain relief, Ariana wants no more jokes about their relationship.

“Pete is having a hard time with the breakup and making jokes his way of dealing with it… Ariana hopes that he will have enough respect to not do it again.”

However, a different source contends Pete did nothing wrong by making the promo, explaining:

“Pete never said her name in the joke. It wasn’t a joke about her, it was self-deprecating. It’s not true he violated any agreement.”

This breakup is turning out to be MESSY!

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