Disney confirms: Tom Hiddleston will star in a Loki-centric miniseries

Back in September, Disney announced that they were launching their own direct-to-consumer streaming service, like an in-house Netflix/Hulu with just Disney content. Of course Disney has thousands of hours of original content already, stuff that’s currently in production, and everything in their archives. But they also said they wanted to create original content for their streaming service, and one of their first projects would be a miniseries – done by Disney and Marvel – about Loki. There was some confusion about whether this miniseries would actually star Tom Hiddleston, or whether it would fit within the existing Marvel Comic Universe or what. Well, here’s your answer?

The Walt Disney Company’s new direct-to-consumer streaming service will be called Disney+. Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger revealed the service’s name today during a live audio webcast of Disney’s fiscal full year and fourth quarter 2018 financial results. Disney+ is scheduled to launch in the U.S. in late 2019.

Disney+ is also assembling a live-action series centered around a fan-favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iger today confirmed that Marvel Studios is developing a series based on Loki, the god of mischief, to star Tom Hiddleston.

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It hit me when Tom Hiddleston promoted Thor: The Dark World – he was a “company man,” in the sense that Tom will enthusiastically work himself down to the nub for the company. He traveled the world promoting that movie, he did dozens of interviews, he danced like a maniac, and he recited sonnets to swans. My point? Disney and Marvel LOVE Tom and he’s been very loyal. This is good for both parties, Disney and Tom. Because I don’t think Tom has a lot going on in his career right now, and I’m not sure that lack of activity is entirely his choice.

The larger point of the press release was the announcement that Diego Luna would be returning to his Rogue One character, Andor, in a full-fledged series. The series will be a sort of prequel to his Rogue One adventures. Eh, I would probably watch that, maybe.

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