Easter Open Post: Hosted By The Anti-Sexy Easter Display Crusader

Happy Easter, everyone! Do the right thing today. Take a moment in between making your yearly appearance at church and guzzling Bloody Marys while telling your children how selfish they are for whining about the Easter Egg Hunt eggs containing $1 bills and not twenties to bite the ear off a chocolate bunny in honor of Clifton, New Jersey’s Desiree Shepstone!

According to NorthJersey.com, Desiree took it upon herself to THINK OF THE CHILDREN and used garden shears to take down local dentist Wayne Gangi’s “sexy” Easter display. Actually, maybe the honors should go to Wayne. Using mannequins dressed as slutty Easter-themed Playboy bunnies is a truly innovative way to make people think of you when considering root canals and teeth whitening procedures.

While a local New York City news crew was filming the Grove Street Easter display at 1 p.m., a woman who said her name was Desire Mozek and lives in the area, took the display down.

According to the news crew, Desiree (who gave her last name as “Mozek”) was walking her dog past the display while they were filming and announced her intention to take it down. And then she made good on that promise by returning with gardening equipment and some righteous anger!

“This is disgusting,” a woman identified as Shepstone told WPIX as she dismantled the display. “I got a son. He’s 16-years-old. He’s a good boy. He doesn’t need to see this.”

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