Styx’ Dennis DeYoung Recording Beatles Tribute Song

Former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung has revealed that he is recording a Beatles tribute song for his upcoming solo album.

DeYoung said in a post on Facebook that the song title is taken directly from a classic Beatles tune, with the track telling the story of the iconic band’s first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

“I decided to incorporate as many song titles of the Beatles catalog in the lyrics to illustrate the immediate as well as long lasting effect they had on culture,” DeYoung wrote.

“Musically I hope to paraphrase as many Beatles tricks and styles into the song to make it sound ‘fake’ authentic,” he added. “I’m having a blast doing it and will wear my Hard Day’s Night suit during recording only speaking in a Liverpudlian accent.”

DeYoung also thanked fans for all the kind words about “Proof of Heaven,” a single he recently released along with former Survivor and Ides of March member Jim Peterik.

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