Cheat star Katherine Kelly’s incredible transformation from rowdy Corrie barmaid to glam primetime darling

The 39-year-old actress is currently starring in ITV's new psychological thriller Cheat where she plays university professor Leah.

Swapping the Rovers Return Inn for a Cambridge University lecture theatre, Katherine's wardrobe has also had a similarly sophisticated upgrade.

When she was first cast as Becky Granger back in 2006, the then 26-year-old actress was often pictured bare-faced and dressed casually in low-rise acid wash denim that was all the rage in the noughties.

What's more, the super stylish primetime star – who married long-term boyfriend Rylan Clark in 2013 – often wore vibrant, clashing colours on the red carpet as well as oversized costume jewellery which she would never be caught dead in now.

Meanwhile, her on-screen wardrobe for rowdy barmaid Becky also left a lot to be desired.

While many would argue that the noughties was a dark time for fashion – our wardrobes included! – Katherine would often appear in Coronation Street in some true style shockers.

From committing hard to the fashion faux pas that is double denim to living in a green apron for the best part of six years, Katherine was hardly known for her style choices when she left the show in 2012.

As she was still finding her feet in the fashion world, Katherine was unafraid to experiment with bright and bold pattenrs after leaving the soap opera which turned her into a household name.

Since quitting Corrie, many fans have been curious to know if the actress has undergone the knife.

Although it has been a source of speculation, the actress has never outright confirmed whether she has had a nose job.

But in a 2015 interview with the Daily Star she said she hadn't completely ruled out surgery.

When being asked if she would consider plastic surgery she said: "I don’t know. I’m in my mid-thirties and I’d like to think I’d grow old gracefully.

"But who’s to say how I’ll feel in 10 or 20 years time? I believe in choice for everyone."

However, the Cheat actress has now reinvented herself as a television style icon in her own right thanks to her killer red carpet appearances.

From classic black dresses to chic silhouettes, the 39-year-old star is now one of television's most glamorous primetime actresses.

And while Katherine has varied the colour of her hair depending on her theatrical roles over the years, the mum-of-two has developed a uniform of feminine midi dresses when she graces the red carpet.

Preferring a style that cinches her in at the waist, Katherine has long ditched the costume jewellery her character Becky Granger made famous.

Meanwhile, the actress has settled on a shoulder-length hairstyle and adds a pop of colour to her everyday make-up with a swipe of statement lipstick.

Providing us with a blueprint in how to rock smart-casual dressing, the Cheated actress looked effortlessly chic during her appearance on This Morning earlier this week.

The primetime actress styled her shoulder-length brown hair in a half-up, half-down do which showed off her elegant gold hoop earrings.

Matching her coral lipstick to the exact shade of her printed jumpsuit, Katherine cemented her status as one of our ultimate fashion inspirations with this suitably glam look.

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