Fashion Nova is selling bizarre 'Nothing To Hide' trousers – and they're completely see-through

The retailer is selling a pair of extreme wide-leg trousers, which could have a cool autumnal vibe if it wasn't for the fact that they're completely see-through.

Available in both black and white, the unique trews come as part of a set.

The other half is a matching trench coat – that's equally as translucent.

Both pieces are made out of a mesh-like material, so there's no way you'd be able to step outside without a top and a pair of high-waisted pants underneath.

That's unless you're as brave as the model on Fashion Nova's website, who's paired them with a thong bikini.

  • Nothing to hide pant set, £37.94 from Fashion Nova – buy now

There's also a slight issue with the length of the trousers.

They reach all the way down to the floor, meaning there's a substantial risk of tripping unless you wear a pair of extremely high heels.

Unsurprisingly, these issues have led to mixed reviews over on Instagram.

Some compared the trousers to, er, mosquito nets, with comments including: "I think this is called the gazebo," and: "Looks like a bug net for your legs."

But others seem to love how different they are.

One person wrote: "Not sure where I'd wear this but I need it," while another said: "This is actually super cute."

It was even suggested that the outfit could be red carpet-worthy, with another message reading: "I could see Rihanna wearing this!"

If you (or Rihanna) are brave enough to give the set a go, you can buy it online for $49.99 (£37.94).

As Fashion Nova is an American brand, you'll need to add on $8.99 (£6.82) for shipping and wait five to 10 business days for it to arrive.

Good luck!

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