From Megan Barton Hanson to Daniella Westbrook – how D-list celebs have ruined Burberry's high-class reputation

FOR years designer label Burberry was synonymous with luxury and high-class fashion.

But the famous brand suffered a reputation knock when Danniella Westbrook wore it head to toe in 2002 – and reality stars are still threatening its credibility among the fashion set.

After the brand became associated with footballer's wives and cheap knock off designs, it set about to revamp its look.

Designer Christopher Bailey was appointed to help return Burberry from overexposed to exclusive once more, and he became chief creative officer in 2014.

Between 2002 and 2017, the brand's share prices rose 729 per cent, and now pulls in big names like Cara Delevingne and Eddie Redmayne as faces of the label.

However, despite all efforts to be more elite, the checked pattern is still the uniform of Love Islanders and reality stars alike.

It’s not ordinary Brits who’ve threatened to hurt the brand’s reputation – it’s their high-profile celeb clients, proving you don’t have to be on a budget to make it look a bit tacky.

And as these pictures of loaded celebs show, money can’t always buy class.

Famous for its checked design, the designer label faced a fall from grace when EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook was pictured wearing head-to-toe Burberry in 2002.

Even her daughter Jody Jenkins, now 17, was wearing a Burberry skirt – while her pram was also covered in the tell-tale print.

While Kylie Jenner posted a pic of her baby daughter Stormi wearing a Burberry dress – which immediately reminded us of Danniella’s snap.

It was revealed last year that the designer label destroyed £90m of its products in the past five years in bid to stop wrong people buying their range’.

Insiders claimed luxury brands destroy unsold products to prevent them being sold at discount prices on the "grey market" to the "wrong people".

At the time, Burberry was valued at £9.6bn by Forbes, and said it took the issue of waste "extremely seriously" and that it uses special incinerators to harness the energy.

They later vowed to stop burning "unsaleable" clothes with "immediate effect".

Last year, Danniella proved she is STILL a fan of the designer when she was spotted in London branch of the fashion store.

The label sparked fury at London Fashion Week after showcasing a noose hoodie. 

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