Harry Potter's scar ISN'T a lightning bolt but the 'hand motion used to cast the killing curse Avada Kedavra'

But shockingly, it's now been revealed that the boy wizard's forehead mark may be in the shape of something else entirely.

It was Twitter page Today Years Old that made the claim, writing: "Did you know Harry Potter's scar isn't a lightning bolt, but actually the hand motion to cast Avada Kedavra."

Alongside the message, they shared a screengrab from Harry Potter Wiki's entry on the killing curse Avada Kedavra.

The page includes a picture of the hand movement used to cast the spell, which looks very similar to a lightning strike.

This does make sense, seeing as the spell was used to murder Harry's parents – and brand him in the process.

The revelation has caused quite a stir on the site, with one person tweeting: "I actually didn't know that. I loved the movies but never read the books or really geeked out on it."

Another wrote: "I'm not even a Harry Potter fan and I'm surprised af."

But others weren't so impressed.

One asked: "Why is it so small then?" – which is a good point, especially considering Harry was a baby when he received the scar.

Another said: "Actually, it's both. And I'm obsessed with Harry Potter so I knew this."

If only we could check with Hermione Granger.

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