‘Off-grid’ mum whose daughter weed on This Morning delivers third child without a midwife or pain relief at home in a water bath

Adele Allen, from Hove, East Sussex, announced the happy news on her Instagram page and controversially revealed all the things she DIDN'T do – including taking folic acid, going for ultrasounds and vaccinating her children.

In the post Adele, who along with her husband Matt has rejected mainstream education and is raising her children in a boundary-free environment, told how Kai Autumn arrived at home at the end of September.

"Her name is unisex and means the sea," Adele, in her 30s, said.  "Kai was born just before the autumn equinox at home, in the water unassisted."

She added the hastags 'undisturbed birth', 'lotus birth', 'free birth', 'the unconventional parent' and' birth without fear'.

Adele went on to suggest she had not had any ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy.

"Ultrasounds, learn the risks," she wrote next to a generic post from a free-birthing group which read: "I love that I haven't had any ultrasounds because this is mine."

But other people said there were no risks with ultrasounds.

theatheistvegan added: "Ultrasounds are safe. Ultrasounds don't transmit radiation. Besides ultrasounds is what everyone enjoys!

"How would you make sure your baby is okay and growing properly? Ultrasound are necessary I've research this before and, there is no risks or dangers from receiving ultrasounds."

Adele also said it was important to delay bathing newborns, suggesting they didn't need immediate washing, and spoke against vaccinations.

This is contrary to NHS advice.

Throughout her pregnancy Adele told how she didn't take folic acid, writing: "Three pregnancies with no folic acid supplement and three healthy babies."

The NHS said: "It's recommended that all women should take a daily supplement of 400 micrograms of folic acid while they're trying to get pregnant and during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby's spine is developing."

Adele revealed she didn't give her newborn a vitamin K injection, writing: "Too much vitamin K could tax the liver and cause brain damage (among other things)."

She added: "As baby ages and the digestive tract, mucosal lining, gut flora, and enzyme functions develop, baby can process more vitamin K. Low levels of vitamin K at birth just…makes…sense."

The NHS said: "Within the first 24 hours, a health professional will offer to give your baby an injection of vitamin K.

"This helps to prevent a rare bleeding disorder called haemorrhagic disease of the newborn."

The Allen family's now famous appearance on the ITV show saw the parents accused of raising "feral children" after the youngsters clambered over the sofas and made animalistic noises as the adults spoke.

Adele and her husband advocate a "re-wilding" approach to childcare – where the children set their own boundaries and live as they wish.

The family caused outrage when they appeared on This Morning last year and daughter, Ostara, took a wee live on air.

The Allens' shocking appearance on This Morning left Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford gobsmacked.

Viewers were horrified by their children's behaviour, and accused them of raising "feral children" as they clambered over the sofas and made animalistic noises as the adults spoke.


In more Allen family news they were evicted from their Brighton home after neighbours complained.

A mum recently sparked a heated debate about whether she should send her son to after school club



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