Stars Who Love Their Spanx – and Aren't Afraid to Show Them Off

We’re going to go ahead and assume Rita got this celeb-fave Bra-llelujah full coverage bra while it was marked way down for the Nordstrom anniversary sale.

Along with her sisters, Khloé’s determined to make bike shorts as outerwear happen – though she prefers a Spanx pair with extra shaping power.

For many women, there’s no moment more enjoyable than the moment when you get home from work and take off your pants. For Jenna, that’s a moment worth celebrating with a photo – as she did when she posed in her briefs with the caption “no to the sequin pants. Yes to Spanx.”

Mindy is happy to reveal all the Hollywood magic behind the wardrobe – whether it’s revealing the skin-tone swimsuit that she wears for nude scenes, or putting her “awards show prep” on display for the world to enjoy.

No gym clothes? No problem for Chrissy Teigen, who just repurposes her shapewear for the gym – though she’s taking squats out of the routine for the day for obvious reasons. (BTW, Chrissy: Spanx actually makes workout pants now, and Allison Williams swears by them. No need to hashtag #crotchhole anymore!)

Best friends are the greatest. They’ll cheer you on, cheer you up … and Instagram photos of you in “Full Spanx,” as Lena’s Girls showrunner Jenni Konner did here.

Wonder no longer about the source of Kylie’s well-shaped butt. “They are Spanx,” she explained on Twitter and Snapchat, helpfully providing a link to the exact style she favors.

The comedian engineered a very special sendoff for her friend David Letterman, which involved removing her dress to reveal three pairs of Spanx and a unitard emblazoned with “Bye Dave!” But she says some people weren’t laughing at the bit: “I didn’t want people to think I was trying to look good, and some reacted that it was not good for women because I wasn’t fat enough under there. You cannot win.”

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star is so enamored of her undergarments, she wrote a song on the spot to accompany her Spanx dance.

Spanx have been repeatedly featured as a “favorite thing” on the fourth hour of the Today Show, but rarely are the hosts so fired up about a product that they wear it (and nothing else) on the show, as Kathie Lee did with this tank slip.

There are the gorgeous, sexy, barely-there underthings celebrities wear for their silver screen love scenes … and then there are the underthings they wear under their on-set wardrobe, as Abbie demonstrates.

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