3 tips for entertaining in a small space this holiday season

Inviting people over for the holidays but have no idea how to cram them all into your small apartment?

Home decor expert Karl Lohnes has a few smart tips on how to entertain like a pro in a small space:

1. Use the curtain rod in your spare bathroom as a coat rack.

This is particularly useful if the front hall closet is already full.

2. Create a children’s play area in another room. 

You can set up a place to watch videos and some snacks so when the kids need to get away from the adults, you can tell them there’s a place for them to go.

3. Stagger your guests.

Have families and children come between 4 – 7 p.m. and invite the party people to come around 8 p.m.

That way you don’t have as many people in your space.


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