Bella Thorne Teases Fans With Racy Instagram Pic

Actress Bella Thorne is teasing her fans with her latest racy Instagram picture. The photo now has fans wondering if they were just seeing things or if the picture in question was as hot as it appeared.

The Famous In Love star used social media to post a photo of herself that is making fans question whether or not she was naked in the picture. Thorne even asked that question to her fans in the captain, which read “Was I really naked or was I wearing clothes? Hmmm.”

Was I really naked or was I wearing clothes? Hmmm

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As you can see from the above photo, the actress covered herself strategically with what appears to be some color design covering any private part of her body. The fact that she has the color design on there is what gives the illusion that she has no clothes on. However, if you look close it does appear that Thorne is actually wearing a nude colored bathing suit and is not naked.

It took only seconds for the Instagram comments to start rolling in once the redhead beauty posted the picture. The reaction to the picture was a little mixed. Many of the comments swore that she was wearing clothes and that the clothes can be easily seen in the photo. There were also remarks that she was in the buff, which made a lot of the users happy.

One comment summoned up the question perfectly though, tashajenay wrote “either way you still slay”

Whether fans thought she was naked or in a swimsuit, there is one thing that almost all of the users agreed on. The actress is beautiful. Her comments section was flooded with praise for just how gorgeous the 20-year old starlet is.

Happpppy Sunday ✨😋🍌

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Bella Thorne loves to tease her fans, especially on social media. She is not shy about showing off her body and is pretty much an open book when it comes to her fans. Her most recent post showed off her playful side, as she teased her fans about being naked. It started quite the conversation with everyone having an opinion, so share your thoughts on Thorne’s latest Instagram with us in the below comments section.

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