Candice Bergen has changed her mind about her pal, ousted CBS chief Leslie Moonves

The swift downfall of longtime CBS titan Leslie Moonves, following reports in The New Yorker that detailed sexual harassment allegations against him, have drawn public rebukes from CBS stars Stephen Colbert and Gayle King, who also saw her former colleague Charlie Rose ousted over similar charges.

Add Candice Bergen to the mix. She had defended Moonves, whom she’s called a friend for decades, telling The New York Times late last month that “I would really hate to see Les go.” 

But after a second story by Ronan Farrow, quoting women who said he forced them to perform oral sex, exposed himself, committed violent acts and derailed careers, she’s reconsidered.

“It’s a unique circumstance, and you have to tiptoe around it very carefully, because there are new, months-old guidelines and boundaries that you can’t cross,” she said haltingly this week, on the New York set of the network’s upcoming “Murphy Brown” revival. “And I’m finding my way, still, and my daughter goes, ‘You can’t say that!'” 

But “the more articles that keep appearing, the darker the story gets,” Bergen added. “The initial article, it was easy to dismiss some of (the accusations), and I’ve known Les since, 20 years ago, maybe more. And always liked and respected him. But…”

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