Eugenie is the princess who (despite it all) never stops smiling

Divorced parents, spinal surgery and fashion FAUX PAS… but as these year by year pictures show, Eugenie is the princess who (despite it all) never stops smiling

  • Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, hasn’t has the easiest of times 
  • She’s seen her parents divorce, undergone spinal surgery and has been mocked for her fashion choices
  • Now, Eugenie is set to marry her boyfriend of seven years at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Friday

Princess Eugenie hasn’t had the easiest of times. 

The daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York, has had to see her parents divorce, undergo spinal surgery after being diagnosed with scoliosis at 12… and was mercilessly mocked for her fashion faux pas at cousin Prince William’s wedding. 

Now, the 28-year-old ready for the happiest day of her life when she marries boyfriend of seven years at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

But as these year by year pictures, Eugenie is the princess who never stopped smiling despite it all…. 

Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York is born on March 23, 1990, at the Portland Hospital, London. Age 1 (right): Visiting the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Eugenie is more interested in her ice cream than anything equine

 Age 2 (left): Little Eugenie was just a toddler when the marriage of her parents very publicly imploded in 1992. Age 3 (right): Bridesmaids with big sister Beatrice at the wedding of their former nanny, Alison Wardley

Age 4: Playing in the snow at Verbier — the Swiss ski resort where she would later meet her future husband, Jack

Aged 5: Fun-loving Eugenie is centre of attention as she shows off her juggling at her birthday party

Age 6: Carefree Eugenie at a horse show the summer her parents’ divorce was finalised

Age 7: Holding her mother’s hand during the funeral at Westminster Abbey of her aunt Princess Diana

Age 8: The affectionate bond between the royal sisters with braided hair is clear on the family Christmas card portrait

Age 9: Princess in a purple tutu after performing in a charity show at London’s Theatre Royal

Age 10 (left): Asserting her independence, Eugenie chops off the long locks favoured by her mother and elder sister. Age 11 (right): No nerves on her first day at St George’s School in Windsor

Age 12: Eugenie is diagnosed with scoliosis and will need spinal surgery

Age 13: Two inches taller after surgery to correct her curved spine, Eugenie, with sister Beatrice, bubbles with laughter on the family Christmas card, the year she starts at Marlborough College

Age 14: In make-up and a pretty dress, Eugenie looks more grown up at a Windsor polo match

Age 15: On holiday with Beatrice and their mum, of whom Eugenie says: ‘I’d love it for her to find a nice man’

Age 16: Eugenie poses in a £10,000 blue silk taffeta dress for her sister’s 18th birthday

Age 17: The teenage princess is gaining a reputation for eye-catching headwear at society events

Age 18: After achieving two As and a B in her A-levels, brainy Eugenie is also a Tatler cover girl

Age 19: After a gap year abroad, Eugenie starts her undergraduate studies at Newcastle University

Age 20: Eugenie revels in her party animal reputation, but this is the year she meets a barman called Jack

Age 21: Eugenie and Beatrice were mocked for their outfits at cousin Wills’s wedding

Age 22: Graduating with a 2:1 degree in English literature and history of art

Age 23: Spending quality time at the races with Granny before heading off to New York as a career girl — working for an online auction house

Age 24: Always a jolly hockey sticks kind of girl, Eugenie larks around with an ice hockey stick in New York’s trendy Meatpacking District

Age 25: Comedy glasses for Eugenie and mum Sarah for a happy 25th birthday FaceTime call from Daddy

Age 26: Partying with Sienna Miller, Margot Robbie, Poppy Jamie, Cara Delevingne and cousin Prince Harry (in green glasses)

Age 27: She works full-time, but Eugenie still finds time to help Harper Beckham (far right) celebrate her sixth birthday at a Buckingham Palace tea party

Age 28: An engagement has been in the offing for years, and now it’s official as the party-loving princess becomes a glossy fiancee

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