Lamar Odom Sad His Friend Dennis Hof Has Died Regardless Of His Own Troubles At The Bunny Ranch

Lamar Odom is saddened by the shocking death of Dennis Hof who owned the Bunny Ranch where he nearly died after an overdose back in 2015.


Lamar Odom, 38, feels upset about his friend Dennis Hof, 72, unexpected passing on Oct. 16 despite the troubles he went through at Dennis’ Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada back in 2015. The basketball player almost died after a drug overdose at the ranch but he never blamed Dennis for the incident. “Lamar is not thinking about what happened to him at the Bunny Ranch, he is thinking about a man who he considered a friend is now gone,” a source close to Lamar EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Lamar really opened up to Dennis at times and they were always very friendly to each other. Lamar is sad that Dennis has passed away because Lamar saw him more than just an owner of a brothel, he respected the man he was to him.”

Word of Dennis’ death made headlines after he was found unresponsive at one of his ranches. Although there’s been no cause of death released yet, officials don’t suspect foul play. Lamar’s scary night happened after he partied at Dennis’ brothel and was found unresponsive. He had to be hospitalized for a while and cocaine was later found in his system. In a recent interview, Lamar opened up about the terrible incident and admitted that he had 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks from the drugs in his system.

Luckily, Lamar made a full recovery from the overdose and hasn’t had a near-death experience like that since. He still seems to enjoy having a good time and partying though. He was seen drinking beer at a New Year’s Eve party back in Jan. 2018 and collapsed at a Hollywood club in Nov. 2017. Although many speculated that he was struggling with alcohol use at the time, his rep claimed the collapse was due to exhaustion and not getting enough fluids after a workout earlier in the day.

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