MAC’s Disney ‘Aladdin’ Collection Is All Three Of YOur Wishes Come True

As if we couldn’t be more excited about the actual movie coming out, MAC’s Disney Aladdin Collection has us even more pumped for the movie’s release in May. I’m really hoping the movie won’t be a flop, but thankfully, we can always count on MAC to deliver collections that never disappoint.

The new collection is pretty small, with just three products, but honestly, an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, and bronzer are all you ever really need, right? Well, maybe that’s what minimalist Princess Jasmine uses, at least. The packaging on all three products includes beautiful Arabian designs in both pink and teal, and the colors couldn’t be more complementary.

The lipstick is a hot pink color and is packaged in the most gorgeous tube, featuring teal-colored peacock feathers at the base. The bronzer comes in a powder compact (mirror included) and has a stamp of the genie’s lamp on the product. The outside packaging of the bronzer includes a beautiful teal design with a lotus flower printed on the middle. Finally, the eyeshadow palette is decorated with a pink sketch, resembling the shape of an Arabian building. The eyeshadow palette includes nine fairly neutral, purple-toned shades (in both shimmer and matte finishes), and features a solid range of both darks and lights. The eyeshadows are housed in a stunning gold encasing and will look exquisite on anyone’s vanity.

The new collection will be available online and in select MAC locations starting May 16. According to the press release, the collection is inspired by Jasmine herself, as it “highlights the strength and beauty of Jasmine, with a color collection that shows she is confident and strong-willed; inspiring all of us to express ourselves in any way we desire.” The packaging is inspired by “the rich patterns and vibrant colors of Agrabah, where Aladdin and Jasmine’s exciting story unfolds.”

I’m sure makeup addicts are stoked about this new collection, but I can only imagine how Disney fans who are also makeup obsessed will feel (i.e. freak out) over MAC’s latest collab. The rich colors and vibrant packaging really set this collection apart from the rest, and I think this three-set piece will grant many, many wishes.

While many beauty lovers are psyched about this new MAC collection, I think I speak for many when I say we’re obviously excited about the new film, mostly because we want to see Will Smith dressed up like one of the guys from the Blue Man Group. Smith is barely recognizable as Aladdin’s The Genie, and I can’t wait to see him floating in the air and granting wishes left and right. Smith appears in the film alongside actors like Mena Massoud, playing Aladdin, and Naomi Scott, playing Princess Jasmine. (I wonder if she’ll wear the products from MAC’s Aladdin Collection in the film?)

Just like the movie will appeal to both young and old, the new MAC collab is perfect for anyone, whether you’re a makeup junkie or beauty newbie — rocking a hot pink lip is much easier than it looks, I promise. No matter what your relationship is to makeup, I can assure you this new collection will be one of your three wishes, for sure.

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