Oh Snap! A Jimmy John's Delivery Driver Exposed a Cheating Boyfriend


Ordering delivery is a wondrous occasion. Having food delivered often involves staying in the comfort of your home so you can binge watch Netflix by yourself or with your closest friends. If you’re really lucky, your S.O. will order delivery for you and have it sent to your house. In any other situation, a surprise delivery would probably go off without a hitch, but according to 23-year-old Kayla Speer, when she tried it, it resulted in a bad breakup. In a viral series of tweets, Kayla went deep into detail about how a Jimmy John’s driver became the best wingman and allegedly caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her.

I feel like I need to share my @jimmyjohns experience…(Thread)

Through her tweets, Kayla told the story about how she, out of the kindness of her heart, decided to surprise her ex-boyfriend with a Jimmy John’s delivery. You see, Kayla lives in West Burlington, Iowa and her ex- boyfriend lived a few hours away from her. They had been in a long distance relationship for about five months so, to keep things fresh, Kayla sent him a sandwich during finals time in April.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Kayla said that to make sure everything went according to plan, she called and told a Jimmy John’s employee that she wouldn’t be there to “sign for” the delivery and to just have her ex-boyfriend do it. Now, this is where things get juicy/complicated/sad. And BTW, a Jimmy John’s spokesperson confirmed this story is true.

Kayla said her ex-boyfriend had texted her that he was going to take a nap, to which she replied, “Hey, foods on the way for you. Please leave a tip.” Even though that text probably ruined the surprise, that’s besides the point here.

The order was placed & my bf had texted me a little bit before letting me know he was going to take a nap. So I sent him a text saying “hey, foods on the way for you. Please leave a tip.” I didn’t hear back from him for a bit, but I just assumed he was sleeping.

After a while, Kayla said she finally got a text back from her ex-boyfriend. He wrote, “Thank you.” But then, right after that text, the Jimmy John’s delivery called her and said they allegedly saw her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. (!!!)

According to Kayla, the driver said, “Hey, we don’t usually do this, but we thought you should know that when we walked up to your boyfriend’s apartment, we were able to see inside, and we saw him with another woman naked on the couch.”

I had a few follow up questions for the delivery guy (extrememly upset and confused) which he so graciously answered which confirmed that it was in fact my bf who was on the couch with the naked woman.

Predictably, Kayla called her ex-boyfriend to see if it was true. She told BuzzFeed News that he denied cheating on her, but their relationship was pretty much dunzo at this point, and she broke up with him not long after. Kayla didn’t immediately respond to request for comment, but it seems like she might be over the breakup.

After her thread of tweets went viral, Jimmy John’s also tweeted out their support for Kayla and even offered her a breakup party, which she’s in the process of planning. But don’t expect the delivery guy to show up because she said she doesn’t know who he is.

I do want to thank @jimmyjohns for their incredible service to their customers. Not many would do what that delivery driver did, and I’m very grateful he called me and was honest about the situation. #WWJJD (What Would Jimmy Johns Do?)

Well, all’s well that ends kinda well?

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