‘RHOA’ Recap: Is Porsha’s New Boyfriend Cheating On Her? Kandi Spills Some Tea

Is Porsha’s love bubble about to get popped? On the Nov. 18 episode of ‘RHOA’, Kandi discovered some potentially damaging information about Porsha’s new boyfriend!

Yikes! While Porsha seems more than happy with her new man, Dennis McKinley, Kandi shared some interesting information during the Nov. 18 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — information that definitely paints Dennis in a different light. Remember last week, when Kandi said she was going to mind her own business when it came to Porsha’s new relationship? Yeah, well, that didn’t last very long because this week, she sat down with a friend and they spilled all the tea on Mr. McKinley. Apparently, he’s dated several different women over the past years — at the same time — and cheated on his last girlfriend with Porsha. But that’s not all — they also claim he’s famous for buying women Rolex’s… just days after he gifted Porsha with one on her birthday while in Miami. Could Dennis be a player? Should Porsha be worried? Those are questions we still need the answers to, but based on his dating history, Porsha should be careful.

Meanwhile, Kandi also reconnected with another friend this week — Shamari DeVoe from the music group Blaque. And since Blaque was performing at ATL Live, Kandi invited all the girls to tag along for some fun while also giving them a chance to meet Shamari (the newest Housewife). Unfortunately, Shamari’s husband Ronnie DeVoe rubbed the group the wrong way, when following Blaque’s performance, he started critiquing the way Kandi’s group Xscape performs — and they weren’t even on stage that night! Eva also didn’t like Shamari and she wasn’t afraid to let everyone know.

Meanwhile, NeNe and Gregg traveled to Houston and received some surprising news about his recovery. While he’s currently cancer free, the doctor strongly suggested Gregg do another round of chemotherapy — that way it’d cut the chances of the cancer returning by HALF. Gregg, however, wanted some time to think about whether or not he actually wanted to go through another round of chemo, and in the end, he opted not to. Basically, he didn’t want to have to put poison in his body if there wasn’t a strong reason for it. So for now, he’s just going to take his recovery day by day.

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