Rich Kids Go Skint girl, 21, has £33k of designer handbags

Millionaire’s daughter, 21, who hasn’t washed her own hair in FIVE YEARS and owns a £33k handbag collection believes ‘people on benefits are lazy’ – but breaks down when she gets a taste of life on the breadline

  • Sacha, 21, still lives with her parents in a sprawling mansion in Chiswick 
  • She boasts a designer wardrobe, a £50k BMW, personal hairdresser and chef
  • Leaves her luxury life for single mother-of-three’s home in Orpington, Kent
  • Sacha gets a sobering experience of living life on a tight budget with Juanita

A millionaire’s daughter with a £33,000 designer handbag collection was given a sobering insight into life on the breadline in Rich Kids Go Skint. 

Sacha, 21, has ‘a super easy life’ living at her parents palatial Chiswick home where she has a personal chef, hairdresser, cleaner and doesn’t have to lift a finger – but admits that seeing how the other half live was like being ‘hit by a bus’.    

She enjoys lavish shopping sprees, dines out every night, has a wardrobe crammed with designer handbags, and drives around in her pride and joy: a £50,000 BMW M2.

Despite her belief that ‘people on benefits are lazy’, Sacha quickly realises that bringing up a family on a tight budget isn’t that easy when she stays with single mother-of-three Juanita in Orpington, Kent.

In the 5STAR reality programme, where wealthy youngsters leave their luxury lifestyles behind, Sacha breaks down in tears as she learns how Juanita has sacrificed eating herself so she can feed her children.

Sacha, 21, appeared in 5STAR’s Rich Kids Go Skint where she showed off her wardrobe stuffed full of £32,500 worth of designer handbags 

It was a sobering experience for her when she learned that single mother-of-three Juanita has been without food so that she can feed her family, while Sacha usually drops hundreds of pounds on just one meal

Sacha, who arrived in Kent armed with a Louis Vuitton back pack and a Chanel handbag along with a Gucci scarf, was quick to share her thoughts on people who live on benefits.

‘I think people that are comfortable living on benefits are just lazy,’ she said. ‘I don’t think they should complain about being on benefits and that they are struggling because everyone can help themselves.’

Full-time single mum Juanita balked at Sacha’s outgoings, which included £400-per-week petrol money for her BMW and splashing out £10,000 on nights out with her friends.

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Juanita is also astonished to learn Sacha hasn’t washed her own hair for around five years, preferring instead to have a blow dry from her hairdresser who visits her home four times a week.

‘You potentially, with one blow dry, could feed my kids for an entire week. There’s even been one occasion where I didn’t have a meal because I only had enough to feed the kids,’ she tells a horrified Sacha.

‘They didn’t know that. I gave them their food and they sat down and asked me “are you not sitting down to eat?” and I was just like “Oh no I’m not hungry”. 

Sacha swapped her parents’ palatial pad in Chiswick for Juanita’s cosy family home in Orpington, Kent with her three children Imani, 15, Kai, 8, Riley, 5

Family meal times aren’t part of Sacha’s normal home life, instead preferring to stay in bed until 4pm before getting up for breakfast at the Mayfair every day 

‘They ate and went to bed and then I went to bed, that is literally how real it is babe.’

The heartbreaking story has Sacha breaking down in tears, saying: ‘It’s actually crazy I spend £900 on beauty stuff and she has £800 a month to live.

‘It hit me that I am really blessed in life and that there are people out there that aren’t as blessed.

‘I’m just used to people doing what they want when they want, buy things, so hearing her story was like being hit by a bus. It’s a shock.’

Meal times in Juanita’s household come as something of a shock to Sacha who is used to spending £300 on one meal because her fridge at home contains no food and ‘is full of vodka and bottled water’.

Sacha is shocked to learn that she can feed the entire family of four on £1.59 with pasta and frozen vegetables which she manages to cook herself.

Sacha was used to the life of luxury at home, where she has a personal chef and cleaner to tidy up for her and do her washing, and found it very different being skint

The 21-year-old spent her few days without a bed, instead sleeping on the family sofa in the living room and was given a rude awakening one morning by Juanita’s son

The privileged youth, who has breakfast at 4pm and parties until the early hours of the morning, admits it is a rare occasion to have a family meal like Juanita does with her three children Imani, 15, Kai, eight, and Riley, five.

Sacha says that if her mum closes her restaurant early on a Sunday they’ll go to the pub for a roast, saying: ‘That is probably the only time I see my family… We don’t really spend that much time together.’

In one scene, Juanita tasks Sacha with upcycling a mirror they buy at an antique store in a bid to make her family some extra money at a car boot sale, and even though they don’t make a profit it provides a bonding moment for the pair.

Sacha hands over her cherished bottle of £32 Christian Louboutin nail polish as a gift to Juanita which she is absolutely bowled over by, and the 21-year-old also leaves a token for a family day out at go-karting which she promises to join them on.

Juanita often takes part in her local carboot and tasked Sacha with ‘blinging’ up a mirror to try and make extra money for her family for the week

Sacha was roped into helping Juanita and her daughter Imani, 15, try and sell their clothes and she even managed to sell the mirror for £16 – the same price they bought it for

Sacha handed over her cherished bottle of £32 Christian Louboutin nail polish as a gift to Juanita which she was absolutely bowled over by

After an emotional trip to the local cemetery where Juanita’s father is buried, the mother-of-three warns Sacha not to forget that she owes her parents a lot and that ‘it could all be gone tomorrow’.

As the pair bid a fond farewell and promises of seeing each other, says said of her experience: ‘I have learned a lot about budgeting and just appreciating people. Not just materialistic things. 

‘The amount I spend on food Juanita spends half on one dish for her whole week for food.

‘I will be definitely analysing what I spend my money on and thinking do I really need this. You never know what can happen tomorrow and I have learned to appreciate everything. And I will definitely go home and hug my parents.’

Rich Kids Go Skint airs Monday at 9pm on 5STAR

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