Sean Lowe’s ‘Simple’ Advice To Making Love Last After Getting Engaged On ‘Bachelor’ Franchise

Sean Lowe knows a thing or two about getting engaged on reality tv, and actually making it work! Although it’s been 5 years since he got engaged on the ‘Bachelor,’ Sean’s says engaged couples need to simply do this if they want to make it to the alter!

Just commit, that’s it. Sean Lowe, 34, thinks things are pretty simple after getting engaged on the Bachelor franchise, as long as you don’t get sucked into the distractions that come after the show. Let’s face it, most contestants who participate in one of the franchise’s many shows, they become subject to fame, scrutiny, and thousands, if not millions of people watching their every move. But, Sean’s mastered the aftermath of the show ever since he proposed to his now wife, Catherine Giudici, 32. 

“My advice for anyone who gets engaged on ‘The Bachelor’/’Bachelorette’ is to just simply commit to one another. There will be a thousand distractions after the show, but you have to keep your fiancé as your first priority,” Sean, who was with his friends at CRAFTSMAN tools on August 22 told EXCLUSIVELY. “Relationships are hard enough on their own, they’re twice as hard when you’re being pulled in many different directions,” Sean added.

Sean handed his final rose to Catherine on The Bachelor‘s 17th season in 2013. One year later, the two wed in January 2014 in a live television ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore in Santa Barbara. Fast forward a few years and Sean and Catherine are the proud parents of two little boys, Samuel, 2, and their newborn, Isaiah (3 months). Sean later gushed, “I think they’ll grow up to be best friends.”

Although they’ve got their hands full with two little ones, Sean admits, “We’re not done having kids.” However, the couple “may” be done with  biological children, he said. “We know we want to adopt at least one more child.” Meanwhile, when he Sean’s not spending time with his family or busy with work, he is in the garage spending time with his tools.

(Sean Lowe for Lowe’s + CRAFTSMAN. Credit: Sam Hodde)

“If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably know I take a lot of pride in being a dad; bad jokes and all,” Sean said, explaining that he partnered up with Lowe’s after the company reached out to him. “They told me about their new partnership with CRAFTSMAN Tools and asked if I’d like to join the team and revamp my garage. — It was a no-brainer.”

Sean continued: “With our two kids, and all the stuff that comes along with kids, I desperately needed help with the clutter in my garage. I love my new CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinets. These things are the best of the best. It gives my garage a certain ‘professional’ feel. Instead of being embarrassed when my neighbors look in my garage, now I’m proud to show it off.”

As for what’s on the horizon at home? — “My next DIY project will be my backyard. I need to re-sod the back lawn because my current grass isn’t growing well in the shade of my trees.”

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