Toy spider is set to make its creator a MILLIONAIRE in just 30 DAYS

Cuddly toy spider is set to make its creator a MILLIONAIRE in just 30 DAYS – after videos of the adorable creature voiced by his five-year-old nephew became on online sensation

  • EXCLUSIVE: Joshua Slice from California is creator of Lucas the Spider 
  • Animations have racked up 100 million views on YouTube in six months
  • Animator created a cuddly toy version, which has received 40,000 pre-orders
  • Money will go to charity, Lucas’ college fund and further animations  

An animator who created a cute animated spider to help people with arachnophobia is set to become a millionaire after launching a soft toy version of his viral creation. 

Joshua Slice from California who has worked on Pixar and Disney’s Zootopia and Big Hero 6 first posted a video of Lucas The Spider online six months ago, and now his videos have had more than 100 million views.

The cute creation, has melted hearts as he chats about the predicaments of being a spider, including having too many eyes, prompting Joshua to make a soft toy version.

After launching the Lucas plushie on Teespring, a platform for independent sellers, he received 40,000 pre-orders in 10 days and is expected to rack up more than 60,000 during the 30-day pre-sale period, generating at least $1.2 million (£899,000).

The money will go towards a college fund for his five-year-old nephew who provides the voice of Lucas and is also his namesake. 

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Joshua Slice from California has created a cuddly toy version of his viral hit, Lucas the Spider, and it’s set to make him a millionaire 

The animator has received 40,000 pre-orders so far and is on course to make $1.2 million 

‘Lucas the Spider started as a curiosity for whether spiders could in fact be cute,’ Joshua explained. 

‘To bring Lucas to life by way of a soft lovable plushie that contains the voice of Lucas has been an exciting part of a very unexpected journey. 


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‘We’re very thankful that so many people could come together over the unexpected love for a spider. 

The fact that Lucas can also provide a future for my nephew, the original Lucas, as well as charities we support is really rewarding.’ 

Lucas’ adventures show him playing with wooden toys and exploring his musical ambitions

Proceeds from the sale of the plushies will also go to charities providing no-cost legal representation to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as funding further animations.

Lucas was based on a picture of a hairy spider nestled on a leaf that Joshua spotted online. 

‘The whole time I’m making it I’m thinking, I want people who are afraid of spiders to say, “aww”. I wanted to challenge people,” he told The Dodo.

Animations show Lucas playing with wooden toys. playing the piano and feeling scared of a pet Labrador because he’s so much bigger than him. 

And fans on YouTube have praised the animations for helping them overcome their fear of spiders. 

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Lucas, who is voiced by his creator’s five-year-old nephew, has melted hearts as he chats about the predicaments of being a spider, including having too many eyes 




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