How vegan-friendly is your home?

PETA reveals the VERY quirky winners of its annual homeware awards – including furniture made from salt and soil and cushions created from recycled bottles

  • PETA announced the winners of their second annual homeware awards
  • The animal rights charity hopes to recognise cruelty-free innovation and design
  • Anthropologie were praised for their chic sofa free from sheep’s wool 
  • Zara were also congratulated for their wool free design of weaved blankets 

If you’re embracing a truly vegan lifestyle, the principles stretch from what you eat to how you decorate your home, and now PETA has revealed its annual list of the best cruelty-free designs.

The animal rights charity’s Vegan Homeware Awards recognise products that blend innovation and style, with this year’s list featuring items from high street brands such as Zara, The White Company and Habitat. 

Quirky creations among this year’s winners include pieces by Israeli designer Erez Nevi Pana who received the Innovation Award for his captivating furniture produced from natural minerals including soil and salt.

Popular brand Anthropologie were awarded the Best Vegan Sofa for its turquoise Angelina piece at £1,998 produced 100% from polyester and described as being made from ‘performance wool’.

PETA Director Elisa Allen said she hopes the awards will inspire others to recognise animals as unsuitable for use as homeware, saying that some animals are castrated, branded and skinned – with some even still conscious – in the production of homewares.  

Animal rights charity PETA announced the winners of their second annual homeware awards including furniture made from natural minerals (pictured) and other unexpected sources

She said: ‘Animals are not fabric – and we need to move away from using their skin, fur, wool, and feathers as such. 

‘Animal agriculture not only causes millions of living beings immense suffering but is also wreaking havoc on the environment. 


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PETA is delighted to honour the forward-thinking companies that are meeting the booming demand for vegan homes with fashionable and functional pieces that are sure to make every space shine.

The White Company were awarded this year’s best supplier of luxury bedding free from silk. Their Camborne bed linen collection is made entirely from Egyptian-cotton

Zara Home’s acrylic blankets (pictured left) were recognised for having the same warmth as traditional wool alternatives. Vegan Bunny was commended for their soy candles 

Anthropolgie’s luxurious turquoise sofa (pictured) was awarded the best vegan sofa for it’s use of ‘performance wool’, a resistant, hard-wearing vegan fabric

Who are the winners of PETA’s Vegan Homeware Awards 2018? 

Best Vegan Sofa 

Anthropologie: turquoise Angelina sofa

Best Vegan Cushion

Judges were impressed by Weaver Green’s Nomad Taurus cushions made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

Weaver Green’s Nomad Taurus Cushion (pictured) achieved the same feel as wool despite being made entirely from recycled plastic bottles

Best Faux-Sheepskin Rug

Another brand that was awarded for not using wool in their products was Ikea, who for a second year have been praised for their Fårdrup faux sheepskin rug.

Best wool-free blanket 

Shoppers would also be surprised by Zara’s chic weave multicoloured blanket surprisingly made from 100 per cent acrylic instead of wool. 

Best silk-free sheets 

The White Company’s luxurious Camborne Bed Linen Collection was commended for their silk-free sheets.

Suszi Saunders was given the overall Vegan Home Award for her renovation of a London Victorian terrace into an entirely cruelty-free home (pictured)

Best Vegan Candle 

Featuring no trace of beeswax, Vegan Bunny’s handmade Ginger Soy Candle won this year’s best vegan candle over last year’s winner Pacifica.

Best Vegan Bedding

Habitat’s Ultrawashable Rang uses technologically advanced fabrics instead of traditional down.

Best Animal-Companion Home Accessory

New brand Dote was recognised for their wall Climbers made entirely from recycled materials such as plastic.

Innovation award

Erez Nevi Pana Vegan Design

Vegan home award

Influencer Suszi Saunders was recognised for her renovation of a London Victorian terrace into a cruelty-free home. 

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