‘World Of Dance’ Recap: Teen Duo Blow The Judges Away With Their Insane Hip-Hop Routine

Week after week, along with the ‘World Of Dance’ judges, we’re blown away by the immense talent of the dancers auditioning for Season 2 of the show! For the third week of qualifiers, the competition got even greater!!

America’s favorite dance show, World Of Dance, is back for the third week of Qualifiers, and the competition is as fierce as ever! From beak dancing crews to stunning duos, we could be watching the winner of season two tonight! First up was The Ruggeds — a self-taught crew from the Netherlands. Rocking teal jackets, the guys were energetic and fun, incorporating a number of insane tricks into their routine. From their break dancing skills and flips, the judges loved their difficulty, but wanted additional dancing in between the tricks. Derek Hough added that two of the front performers weren’t in sync. Still, they made it through with an 83.3 — we’ll be seeing The Ruggeds at the Duels!

Next up were Josh and Taylor from Canada. The pair swear their not dating, even though they have insane chemistry on the dance floor and have been friends forever! While the judges in the past haven’t been fans of the junior pairs, Josh and Taylor took things to another level. The pair got a standing O from J.Lo, Ne-Yo and Derek, as they used a chair as a prop dancing to “Bellyache [Marian Hill Remix]” by Billie Eilish. The judges recognized both Taylor and Josh from last season, as Taylor was in the pair KinTay and Josh was in Imma Beast. But, as Jennifer said, “Great things happen when the right people come together.” YAAS. The pair scored a 93.3 from the judges — we have a feeling they’ll be around for a while!

The Lock N lol Crew from Seoul performed next! The theatrical performance, which included a hospital change, was a fun and entertaining routine, but as J.Lo pointed out, it wasn’t a competitive crew. Derek, on the other hand, loved their popping and locking. Lock N lol got an 81 average, even though J.Lo gave them a 79, so they’re moving on to the next round!

Michael Dameski, moved to the United States to achieve his lifelong dream of being a dancer. The Sydney, Australia native had the lead as Billy Elliot in the musical and won Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance, but has still struggled to make it. Dancing to Shawn Mendes’s “Mercy” in a pair of white leggings and no shirt, Michael gave an emotional performance that had the ladies screaming and judges on the feet. “It was gorgeous. You see dancers, then you see dancers with a quality that seems like they’re flying,” J.Lo complimented. We can’t wait to see Michael dance again in the Duels!

The Rascals are an adorable group of empowering girls and boys who live in Hawaii. They can only afford to go to one dance competition a year, being that there aren’t many dance opportunities in Hawaii. The intense hip-hop routine showed they were right where they were suppose to be with their stank faces and in sync moves. Derek was filled with compliments, and J.Lo asked they to calm it down a little bit to polish things up, but the Rascals will have the chance to work on things! They got an 84 average from the judges!

Elektro Botz came next with a heartbreaking story. The trio dedicated their World of Dance qualifier performance to Dominic’s mom who passed away the year prior and was on of their biggest supporters. To Owl City’s “Fireflies,” Elektro Botz’s popping routine included insane slo-mo moves, lifts and storytelling. “You guys smashed it!” J.Lo exclaimed. The three got all the judges’ love and received an 89 average! We’ll see these guys in the Duel round!

Next week is one you won’t want to miss — as last year’s runner up returns to claim her top prize! Follow along on the HollywoodLife live blog next Tuesday at 10 PM ET!

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