Avengers: Infinity War release and Star Wars Day send searches on Pornhub skyrocketing

The human race are a weird bunch. For every pop culture phenomenon, there seems to be an associated porn interest.

It’s an actual Rule of the Internet (Rule 34, if you were wondering).

Case in point – Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars. Because who doesn’t like a sexualised Thanos, right?

According to PornHub, searches for porn related to the Marvel superheroes have increased 356% above their daily average in the wake of Infinity War‘s release.

On top of that, last year “Avengers” was the top-ranking movie related search overall and was sought out over 6 million times.

As for the most popular character, well Black Widow tops the lot, followed by Spider-Man, Captain America and Hulk.

Women are also 28% more likely to search for Avengers than men, their preferred characters being Captain America, Black Panther, Thor and Loki.

The site also revealed that historically that DC characters such as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Batman were more popular – though it seems they’re just not as sexy now.

As for Star Wars, searches for porn relating to your favourite characters from a galaxy far, far away spiked on Star Wars Day yesterday (May 4), growing to a gargantuan 10430%.

The most popular term on the day last year was “lightsaber” at 766%, while overall in 2018 the most popular search was for Princess Leia.

Unsurprisingly, search data has been very popular around the release the last three movies, and men are 59% more likely to search for Star Wars porn than women.

Oh you filthy people.

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