Game of Thrones premiere created a gigantic surge in internet piracy

Game of Thrones returned to British screens in a big way yesterday as it emerged that 17.4million people tuned in to catch the start of the final season.

The fantasy saga is consistently one of the most pirated TV shows on the interwebs and it appears that nothing has changed.

According to a report on TorrentFreak, the operator of one popular torrent site said that the GoT premiere resulted in a 20% boost of visitors to the site.

In real terms, there were about 120,000 people sharing illegal copies of the first episode as it hit screens last night.

Reasons for the decline may be that paying for content is becoming so much easier than ever before there’s much less effort involved in getting the content onto your screen.

It could also be that rights holders like HBO have been working hard in the last few years to reduce the amount of pirated content that gets out. Add to that the fact that malicious hackers usually load up fake versions of the shows with malware and viruses and you can see why it may not be worth the effort after all.

Game Of Thrones continues Sundays on HBO and Sky Atlantic. And is available to watch on NOW TV.

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