Instagram could soon be making a huge change that will transform Stories

Photo-sharing site Instagram might soon introduce a feature that allows video clips longer than 15 seconds to be posted within Stories.

Previously, longer clips would need to be trimmed by the user to fit in the app’s 15 second limit. However the footage uploaded to YouTube by Samarth Verma shows it now automatically splitting longer clips into 15 second chunks.

In the demo video the app is shown recording a longer segment, but every 15 seconds it creates a new clip. When the video is played back the clips run sequentially, as a longer video would.

The new feature doesn’t require that users trim clips manually within the app. Instead it will just create multiple 15 second videos. Captions won’t last across the whole set though.

Presumably this is an attempt to keep the main Instagram app as a largely photographic tool, rather than one aimed at YouTube-style longform video.

Instagram does also have its IGTV app which allows creators to make much longer videos than are allowed in Stories.

IGTV allows anyone to upload clips of 10 minutes in length and verified users can upload hour-long videos.

The new Stories feature is currently being tested with some users, but there’s no indication when, or even if, it will roll-out to everyone on the platform.

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