PUBG is introducing Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn and Joker skins – but it'll cost you

Ever wanted to play as your favourite Suicide Squad characters in PUBG? Of course you have. What a ridiculous question.

Well, now you can as the battle royale game has unveiled skins for Harley Quinn and The Joker – and they can both be yours for the combined price of just $44.98!

Yes, you can now run around sniping people in the face whilst dressed as Harley Quinn for a very reasonable $24.99. Or if you’d rather do exactly the same thing but in the costume of the worst Joker ever, that will only cost you a further $19.99.

It’s unclear what the PUBG community has done to deserve such a bargain, or why it’s taken this long for them to receive the the Suicide Squad content they so desperately craved.

Players have been taking to Twitter to share their delight at the announcement and the generous price tag the skins have been given.

One excited game tweeted: “Hey they already got 25 million people to pay $30 for an unfinished game, they’re probably assuming they’re dumb enough to buy this too.

While another elated customer wrote: “Pff what a joke.”

Others on social media were moved to make comparisons to the time Fornite did an Avengers: Infinity War crossover and added Thanos to the game, free of charge.

Free of charge?! Outrageous.

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