Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doesn’t use a computer

Twitter users curious about CEO Jack Dorsey’s tech habits got some answers this week.

Dave Gershgorn, a reporter for Quartz, tweeted at the 41-year-old Wednesday and pressed for details.

“[Jack], serious question, do you use a computer/laptop,” he asked.

Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter, offered a short reply: “No.”

It wasn’t long before AdWeek writer Marty Swant asked if Dorsey uses a tablet. Dorsey said he doesn’t.

A few hours later, Microsoft spokesman Paul Fabretti tried to get Dorsey to use one of the company’s products.

“[Jack] can I get you a Surface Go?” he asked Dorsey. “Similar size, all the functionality of a great PC.”

The tech executive, however, turned down the offer.

“Thank you but no,” he said.

As Press Association points out, this seems to suggest Dorsey relies on just a smartphone.

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