Eurovision 2018's UK entry SuRie awkwardly told her awful odds of winning by Phillip Schofield on This Morning

Eurovision 2018 is on the horizon and despite the UK’s entry SuRie, having a pretty decent song, she was awkwardly confronted by her abysmal odds by Philip Schofield on This Morning.

Philip began the interview with the singer, whose real name is Susanna Marie Cork, by rounding off the odds for the contest and finishing by telling SuRie she currently stands at 50/1.

Holly Willoughby soon butted in and said: “Can we just ignore that, please?”

Phil then tried to make amends by throwing the stats away.

“Yes, get rid,” added Holly.

SuRie beat off the competition while appearing in BBC One’s Eurovision Song Contest, You Decide, although Holly quickly reminded her she wasn’t actually the favourite at that time.

“Even on that show, you weren’t the favourite to win that, were you?” asked Holly.

“No, I was barely even on the bottom of the bookies, I was clambering onto the underdogs,” the musician replied.

However Holly soon clarified that the reaction from the audience and the public vote helped turned things around for SuRie, although the singer added that “deep down, I knew I could do it”.

Despite SuRie’s song ‘Storm’ getting lots of radio play and its own music video already, Phillip was still feeling incredibly sceptical that the UK would stand much of a chance, especially post-Brexit.

He explained: “It’s been 21 years since we won, we were 15th last. Eurovision is a fantastic spectacle, it’s one of the most beautiful shows to watch.

“But there’s no getting away from the fact, it drives me crazy, it’s immensely political and we stand little chance of winning because they don’t like us.”

SuRie had attended Eurovision events in the past, but she said she never got an anti-Britain vibe at the contest’s camp.

Phillip finished by giving her a pep talk and saying: “If you don’t win this this time round, we will never win it, you are our best shot we’ve had.

“I think the song is great and your voice is amazing.”

In other Eurovision news, Lulu, who won the contest for the UK in its 14th year, revealed that she can’t stand to watch the show anymore.

Meanwhile fans were recently stunned by the bizarre list of items that have been banned from the show, including trolleys, handcuffs and ladders.

This Morning continues on weekdays from 10.30am on ITV, and the Eurovision final will be on BBC One on Saturday, May 12.

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