‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Josslyn May Soon Learn About Oscar’s Cancer

Cameron may lose Josslyn forever.

General Hospital has taken on a cancer story involving Oscar Nero. He is fighting an inoperable brain tumor. In reality, he isn’t really fighting it at all. He has decided to just live his life until his time comes. However, his family is determined to fight the cancer, even if he doesn’t want to. Unfortunately, Josslyn is still in the dark about her ex-boyfriend’s diagnosis, but that may soon change.

General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps tease that Joss will catch on about something. This will all happen the week after Thanksgiving. The holiday will extend into that week and the celebration may just be cut short for her if she learns that Oscar is very sick and may die. He opted not to tell her about it and instead broke up with her completely. This has brought her closer to Cameron as they are pretending to be dating to make Oscar jealous.

Cam is falling hard for Joss, but she is still in love with her ex. She will be devastated when she finds out what is going on. She will be even more hurt when she discovers that Cam has known all along and has been keeping it from her. But how will she find out the truth?

According to General Hospital spoilers, Cam is expected to let Josslyn know exactly how he feels about her. They have been pretending to be boyfriend/girlfriend and he has enjoyed every minute of his time with her. He decides that it’s time that she knows that he has fallen for her. What a perfect time to do it than Thanksgiving.

Co-head writer, Chris Van Etten, spilled to Soap Opera Digest that Joss will get a “holiday surprise.” Cam will reveal more than what he intends to when he tries to reveal his true feelings for her. It sounds like he will spill the beans about Oscar’s cancer without meaning to. This will be a complete surprise to her and will set things in motion. Maybe this is the exact thing that Oscar needs to do whatever he can to fight his cancer.

This will also be devastating to Cam as he may just lose her for good. He wanted to tell Joss earlier about what is going on with Oscar, but he was sworn to secrecy and got caught in the middle between those two. Now that he is in love with Josslyn, he may just lose her forever.

Stay tuned to General Hospital to see how this all plays out with this young love triangle and if Oscar survives his cancer.

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