Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei and Abbie Holborn reveal new series is raunchiest yet and cast had so much sex they were ‘forced to do it on the sofa in the garden when they ran out of beds’

The crew have decamped to Australia's Gold Coast for the 17th series and Abbie Holborn and Sophie Kasaei revealed there's more action in the infamous 'shag pad' than ever before.

Speaking to The Sun Online about their raucous antics, they revealed things got hot and heavy in sunny Oz with temperatures rising both inside and out.

Sophie told us: "I've thought for quite some time that the sex has gone quite down in Geordie Shore.

"Nobody was really having sex anymore because it was harder for the boys to go out and pull.

"But I think this time there was a lot."

Abbie, who is a relatively new cast member after joining the MTV show last year revealed how there wasn't enough beds for everyone who wanted to have sex so they had to get very inventive.

She added: "Yeah, I think it’s because there was new people and everyone was in a new place.

"It’s not like you’re going out in Newcastle and seeing the same people because everyone was new.

"I think at one point, like, people were shagging on the settees outside because there was literally no room. No beds. The shag pad had been taken so they were shagging everywhere."

Four newbies have joined the show including Alex MacPherson, pole dancer Dee and estate agent Nick Murdoch, as well as Newcastle lad Grant Molloy.

Alex already has a wild reputation and revealed he once had an orgy with four girls and his male friend.

He ended up causing trouble from the off by flirting with Chloe Ferry.

Her boyfriend Sam Gowland squared up to Aussie Alex and threatened: “Don’t you ever start f***ing flirting and putting your arms round our f***ing lass again."

But Sophie ended up having a fling with the Ozzy hunk.

She revealed: "There was a little fling going on with me and Alex.

"It was really strange because when I first walked into the house, I’ve always drilled it into my head that I would never get with another boy who lives with us…

"But when you live with someone for so long, you do, you get attracted to them, you get feelings.

"You know, it was probably the most craziest thing I’ve ever done. Obviously he’s in Australia so it’s very hard to see him…

"Well unless I get on a 24-hour flight every week, which I doubt I’ll be able to do. The jet lag would be horrendous. Maybe one day I’ll be living in Australia so who knows?"

Geordie Shore has produced some of the most famous reality stars including Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby.

However, Sophie says the new batch of Love Island stars have affected her profile and she would love to appear on the ITV2 show.

She said: "When Love Island is on the TV it’s hard for other reality TV stars because people just don’t care about us at all.

"And it’s all about Love Island. Most of my income comes from brands and Instagram and that but as soon as Love Island’s on, that’s it."

When asked if she'd go into the villa, Sophie replied: "Why would you ever say no to that? Of course!" and Abbie agreed saying: "I’d love to be able to. If they did one where any of us could just pop in I would never say no."

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