Here's when we can expect The Conjuring 3 to be released

The Conjuring universe shows no signs of slowing down and we’ve just had an update on when we can expect to see The Conjuring 3.

Last June, New Line Cinema confirmed that a threequel was on the way, although it’s not looking likely that James Wan – who oversees the franchise and directed the first two movies – will return as director, but he will produce it.

Producer Peter Safran has now revealed the latest status of the new movie to CinemaBlend. “It’s actually coming along great. David Leslie Johnson is working on the screenplay, and I feel pretty confident they will have that one up and running next year,” he explained.

So if it goes into filming in 2019, we can expect to see it in 2020, likely in the summer slot that has proven so effective for the first two movies.

Before we see what the Warrens have been up to though, we’ll be getting a third Annabelle movie as that’s currently set for summer 2019. It will centre on what the possessed doll gets up to after the Warrens bring her to their collection of cursed objects.

And if that’s not enough Conjuring goodness for you, there’s every chance that The Nun could get a sequel given its success at the box office, while there’s also a Crooked Man spin-off in the works too.

The Nun is out now. Book tickets here.

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