ITV working with Sir Cliff Richard on documentary to mark 60-years of his singing career singing

But ITV won’t be missing out on an opportunity to mark 60 years of his singing career.

I’m told the channel is working on a big one-off documentary about the singer which will be released this autumn.

The programme will see pals of the showbiz star discussing their favourite memories of him.

It will no doubt also touch on his High Court battle with the Beeb, which saw Sir Cliff awarded £210,000 in damages last month for invasion of privacy following the BBC’s coverage of a police raid at his home by cops investigating a false sex claim.

Unlike a recent Channel 5 documentary, which was slated by Sir Cliff’s fans, this latest doc has the backing of the cheesy crooner himself.

An ITV source said: “ITV want to make the definitive Cliff doc.

“He’s had a tough year with the High Court ­privacy case battle against the BBC, but now that’s all been settled bosses have decided to put together a last-minute programme.

“They’ve got some of his nearest and dearest talking about him, and it’s all got Cliff’s backing.

“The Cliff Richard Organisation are even helping to get his pals on board.” Sir Cliff has already put forward two friends — DJ Mike Read and his old writing pal, guitarist Bruce Welch from the Shadows.

Mike said: “I had to go and present Cliff with a guitar on behalf of Buddy Holly’s widow.

“He played me some tracks and said, ‘While you’re here could you do something for the documentary?’ so I said yes.

“This one will probably be OK because they’ve got their fingers on it, so they’ll be able to view it before it goes out.”

It’s hardly going to be negative if he’s approving every word and the contributors . . .


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