Did you know there are FIVE other versions of Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore around the world – and they're even more outrageous than ours

Aside from original show Jersey Shore – which ran on MTV between 2009 and 2012, and returned earlier this year, there are spin offs of the show in Spain, Mexico, Poland, Florida and an international all-Spanish all-stars version called Super Shore.

And far from being poorer cousins, the international versions are huge and feature boozing, sex, sick, fighting and big nights out.

The shows even have crossover episodes where UK stars fly in and party with their European equivalents – Chloe Ferry and Kyle Christie partied with the Super Shore cast in season two.

You might remember Italian temptress Elettra Lamborghini who joined Geordie Shore for one season last year? She was also in Super Shore.

MTV is launching an Australian version next year after the success of Geordie Shore’s Down Under series – so let’s have a look at the international versions …

Gandia Shore

Based in, you guessed it, Gandia in Spain, the show premiered in October 2012 and ran for only one series – but it was a really, really good one.

Breaking MTV Spain’s all time viewing record, it stars a man called Jose Labrador (yes really) a woman whose nickname was Cat and miaowed and so much fighting.

They had screaming rows at theme parks, on nights out and during hot tub time in the back garden.

Which makes Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry look like amateurs.

Floribama Shore

The show launched last year and was a huge hit in the US – it’s second series just started on MTV.

The cast love to row – once kicking off over a chicken BBQ, later blaming the row on the fact everyone was sexually frustrated.

They’re also not shy about having sex on camera, with four contestant’s bedroom sessions (yes, two couples side by side) getting interrupted by another housemate vomiting.

The series also saw a full on bar brawl – started by a middle aged drunk woman who had to be restrained by security.


Warsaw Shore

Poland’s version of Geordie Shore is so massive on Polish TV it’s been running for nine series and is about to start it’s tenth.

Anna "Mała" Aleksandrzak is the only cast member to appear in all ten series – and her tagline is "I may be small, but you'll be surprised after I hit you".

Like our Geordies, they love to booze and the series features three way kisses between the girls, stripping off in the bathroom and one contestant tried to knock another out with an iron during a row.

Which puts Charlotte’s rows with Gaz in the shade a bit.

Acapulco Shore

The Mexican version of the show launched in 2014 and has run for five seasons, plus three spin offs.

Their hot Latino tempers get out of control very quickly when they’re day drinking in the heat, and there have been full on girlfights, face slapping, hair-extension pulling and drink throwing.

One night, the girls invited a load of men back to the villa and the boys on the show weren’t happy.

It ended in a mass brawl and security had to step in.

Super Shore

Stay with us: Super Shore combines the best castmembers from Acapulco and Gandia Shore, plus Elettra Lamborghini and Igor Freitas, who starred on Brazil’s version of Love Island.

And then, even more confusingly, a French girl called Eva won a place on series three in an MTV competition. Keep up.

They’ve filmed in Mykonos in Greece, Madrid in Spain, then Marbella, Rimini in Italy and it’s still to be decided where they’re filming series four (Newcastle?)

It’s just as dramatic as our Geordies – Elettra gets punched in the face by love rival Mane at one point and kisses another girl during a foam party.

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