Laura Whitmore shares rare bikini photo as she enjoys a glass of gin in the sea

The TV star, 33, shared a picture of herself in a white bikini on Instagram which showed her struggling to cope with the sun's rays.

Reclining on a white seat in the shallows, she threw her head pack and clutched a glass.

She captioned the shot: "This heat has me like… thank god for gin."

Laura recently discussed self-confidence with The Sun's Fabulous magazine and explained how she used to be insecure.

She explained: “I probably wore a lot more make-up when I was younger and it was an insecurity thing. But at some stage you go: ‘Do you know what? F*** it.’ There are so many other millions of things to worry about.

“Beauty shouldn’t be about hiding yourself – it’s about expression, and I think we all need to learn that we’re highlighting and accentuating what we already have.”

And after years of flipping between challenging and ignoring social media trolls, she’s discovered a new way of tackling them.

“I was doing a podcast with the comedian Roisin Conaty and we were talking about Twitter and how you deal with negativity. I said I just ignored it, and Roisin was like: ‘Oh no, I tell them to f**k off!’

“And it was a bit of a light-bulb moment for me. I mean, that’s genius. And I thought: ‘Maybe I should say it to them, too.’ So I do, and do you know what? It’s quite therapeutic and cathartic.”

And it often gives the troll such a jolt that it causes them to crawl back under their rock. It takes them by surprise, I think. They’re just not expecting that from me.”

Over the last year or so, Laura seems to have found her voice on social media and beyond, speaking out on feminist issues such as Ireland’s Repeal the 8th abortion vote, the Ulster rugby rape trial, upskirting and the #MeToo movement.

“In the past I probably didn’t feel in a position to talk about things,” she says. “Sometimes it’s knowing which battles to fight.”

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