Love Island star Rosie Williams' family blast cruel trolls who branded her ugly

The trainee solicitor, who became the latest person to leave the villa last night, was subjected to nasty comments about her appearance while on the ITV2 show.

But her nearest and dearest, who were looking after their social media account, defended her honour as they outed the trolls.

They started by sharing a series of horrible messages from one person, which read: “Your really ugly, Stop forcing it with your fake lip and your big 10head.(sic)”

Outraged, Rosie’s family screenshotted it and wrote: “These are the kind of messages people think are acceptable to send! Absolutely vile! I will not stand for it anymore!”

They continued in another post: “Rosie is a naturally beautiful person inside and outside. She doesn’t deserve to be subjected to this! It says more about you than it does about her.

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“Imagine the impact it could have coming out of the villa to read these villa things! She’s a real person with real feelings!”

They added that they would delete the negative comments, so the account would be “positive” and “nice”.

Unfortunately Rosie, who had drama with Adam on the show, lost her place in the villa as none of the men chose to couple up with her.

While she may have left the villa alone, Rosie isn't feeling too upset at not finding love as she's hopeful there are more guys out there.

She said: "Maybe Mr Right is in my DMs (direct messages)!

"The last thing I said before I left the villa was, 'Guys, I'm gonna check my DMs and maybe I'll have a guy by the time you get out of here.'

"I'm intrigued to see who's in there to be honest, maybe Adam with a personality is in my DMs."

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