Love Island: Who is Maura Higgins? Model and grid girl revealed as new bombshell arrival

Maura Higgins is set to enter the villa as a late bombshell arrival.

The gorgeous brunette, who has previously worked with the likes of Liam Payne, is looking for Mr.Right as she joins the show on Wednesday. But who is Maura Higgins?

Who is Maura Higgins?

Maura is a 28-year-old model and grid girl from County Longford in Ireland.

What is Maura looking for in the villa?

Maura revealed she looking for confidence and claims her celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth.

Speaking before entering the villa, she said: “I would go for personality more than anything. I would definitely look for someone who is really honest and a very confident guy, but not arrogant and definitely someone who makes me laugh.

“They have to have banter, without a doubt.”

What is Maura’s claim to fame?

Maura has previously worked with singer Liam Payne and has revealed she’s always in the presence of top athletes.

She said: “Through my modelling work, I’ve worked with athletes and people who’ve been in the public eye. I did a visual shoot for Liam Payne as well.”

What is Maura’s relationship history?

Maura revealed she has been cheated on but has never cheated herself.

She has also been single since splitting up with her boyfriend last year.

She said: “I’m outgoing and I really am looking to find love. I’m a relationship type of girl. “I hate being single. I was in a nine-year relationship that finished a few years ago. Then I was with another guy, we broke up last year sometime, then we got back together but the trust was gone and it’s not going to come back.

“It ended quite recently. As the trust is just gone, for me, there is no going back.”

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