Love Island’s Frankie Foster reveals why he DOESN’T want to move in with Samira Mighty

Love Island star Frankie Foster has revealed that he doesn’t want to move in with Samira Mighty… yet.

The former Islander was booted from the villa a few weeks before the series ended, and instead of trying to find a new love, Samira then decided to leave herself to pursue him in the real world.

Frankie has now revealed that they are taking things slowly, and appeared to throw a bit of shade at the couples that have moved in together in the process.

“Everybody asks me ‘why aren’t you moving in together’ but I am only 22,” the reality star told OK!. “I’ve got loads of friends with girlfriends I don’t know one person that lives with their girlfriend so we don’t have to be inseparable.

“In a real relationship you don’t do that and I am quite happy we are not pressured to do so. She lived in London before, her mum lives in London so we have been staying at her mum’s

“It’s good because we do jobs that we will stay in hotels, other time we will stay at her mums and it’s worked out quite well, because everything we are doing now media wise is in London. It should work fine I think.”

In an apparent dig at the likes of Wes Nelson and Megan Barton Hanson, who have already moved in together, Frankie continued: “A lot of the Love Island couples have come out and moved in together.

“They tick all the boxes and have the perfect couple but I think our relationship has been a lot more real. We are not moving in together, we are doing things as we would have done if we weren’t on Love Island. I think that’s a real positive for us as a couple.”

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Love Island is getting a US version with CBS securing the rights on the other side of the pond.

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