Love Island's Megan is viciously trolled on Instagram and branded a 'full on snake' over 'muggy' antics

The star's pals, who run her Instagram while she's in the villa, have been forced to turn comments off on her account.

For the past five days, the comments on Megan's Instagram has been left completely blank.

When you turn off comments on a particular Instagram post, they all end up hidden.

Instead, fans have been leaving comments on a snap posted on Megan's account six days ago in response to her "muggy" behaviour last night.

She dumped Eyal, telling him that they had "no banter" and later managed to convince Wes Nelson to call things off with Laura Anderson and give her a go instead.

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One wrote: "I can't believe they've turned comments off. Why? Because everyone is calling her out for the snake she is?

"I get it's Love Island, but the way she went about it is vile."

Another added: "She is horrible and has no respect. Laura and Wes were happy until that little snake came and got involved."

A third wrote that Megan has "zero girl code" while a fourth said she is the "true definition of a snake."

Another commented:: "She is so horrible and has no respect, Laura and Wes were happy until that little snake came and got involved.

"Laura and Wes were together from the start and she just came and broke it up.

"If anyone justifies Megan then they are just as bad"

Love Island's Laura Anderson dumps Wes Nelson after he snogs Megan Barton Hanson

Megan was a late arrival to the villa and coupled up with Eyal after taking him on a date.

Last week, the pair became the first couple to have sex and appeared to be getting on well.

But last night she told him she didn't want to "force" the relationship and Eyal ended up on the sofa.

Later, when the Islanders were brought together to play Love, Marry, Pie, the pair picked each other to 'pie', which involved slamming a cream pie into someone's face.

Much to Laura's horror, both Megan and Wes then went on to pick each other to snog.

Wes then pulled Laura to one side and announced that he would be "talking to Megan more often".

He tried to explain to 29-year-old Laura that there were issues with their relationship but she cut him off and told him: "So you're going to be cracking on with Megan, is that what you're saying?

"We're done then."

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