Piers Morgan was so ‘drugged up on sedatives’ in hospital bed he had no idea he posted selfie

The Good Morning Britain presenter triggered international headlines after posting a selfie from hospital following medical tests – and now he's revealed he was so sedated he didn't realise he had done it.

Speaking on this morning's show Piers said: "I have to confess, so I've had this thing bothering me for a few months, stomach related stuff and I had all these tests done one of which is where they stuff this big tube down your throat.

"They give you a choice, do you want to have a little bit of spray and just go for it, have it rammed down your throat.

"Or do you want to have the sedative? All the doctors said you've got to have a sedative.

"You're supposed to stay awake while it's happening, you're sort of aware but not really aware."

However Piers woke up without any memory of the procedure which led to the selfie incident.

He added: "Next thing I knew I wake up in recovery, it's all over, done and I didn't remember a thing.

"So I had my phone on me and in that picture I'm still half sedated, and they all leave the room.

"Anyway I had no idea I'd done this, I posted the picture, and have a little chat with the consultant of which I have no memory at all.

"Apparently a ten minute chat and then I'm allowed home in a cab, go home and sleep for two or three hours. I wake up and there's like a thousand messages from all around the world. I literally thought, what have I done? So anyway the good news is I'm not dying, the bad news is I've got my fourth and fifth itis of the season."

The presenter wanted to reassure his fans that he is on the road to recovery finally.

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