Pointless: Richard Osman called out after viewers spot major question blunder

Pointless returned to BBC One tonight with the mid-week instalment of the popular quiz show. 

However, during the show, those watching at home noticed an error with one of the questions being asked to the contestants. 

It came after Lucy and Adi were the first players to be eliminated and heading into the second round, host Alexander Armstrong introduced the topic “History; People, Places and Events from Ancient History”. 

After each team got an answer for the first half, one of the questions for the second half asked: “Caledonia was the name given by the Romans to the area that roughly corresponds to this large region of modern-day Britain.” 

It was the turn of Georgy who answered: “Scotland” and whilst this was correct, viewers were in uproar at the country being described as a region. 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “BBC at it again with Scotland being a region #pointless.” 

“Scotland is a country not a region #bbc #pointless,” another remarked as someone else added: “Back to being a region #pointless #scotlandisnotaregion.” 

Whilst a fourth commented: “@richardosman Scotland is not a LARGE REGION of the U.K! It is one of the four constituent countries of the U.K. #Pointless.” 

Nevertheless, Georgy’s answer was not enough to get them through to the head to head round. 

Instead, viewers saw Jen and Helen and Paul and David attempt to make it one step closer to the final. 

With neither pair having been in the head to head round before, it was all to play for. 

The first question concerned Pots and Pans and they were given five clues relating to this. 

Paul and David scored a stellar 13 points for their first answer, whilst Jen and Helen couldn’t beat them and instead received a score of 69. 

“Yes Paul and David steamrolling on the show today,” Richard Osman remarked. 

Nevertheless, there was still another chance for the opposition to stay in the game. 

The second question was about tabloid novels and they were tasked with providing the names of the books. 

And they scored nine points, meanwhile 46 people said Paul and David’s answer. 

“This is a great head to head!” Richard commented. “This is going to be neck and neck.” 

And it was, after scoring a low 14 points, Jen and Helen were through to the final round. 

Nevertheless, they produced a Pointless answer and left the show with the jackpot! 

Pointless airs weekday nights at 5.15pm on BBC One. 

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