Q&A with Gorgi Coghlan, Project presenter and part-time farmer

Among your colleagues, who would you say is the one that everyone hates?

Definitely Peter Helliar, because he's way too funny. And he's just too generous, and he's such a decent human being. So he's up there, and also Waleed, because he's just one of those superhumans who's good at everything. The only thing he hasn't done that I have done is that he's a massive Queen fan and he's always wanted to work with Brian May, and I've worked with Brian May – he auditioned me for We Will Rock You. That annoyed Waleed no end. I remind him of that all the time: I can't get a PhD, I can't get a gold Logie, but I've done that.

Gorgi Coghlan started her career reading the news for Channel 31.Credit:Paul Kalina

You could get a gold Logie.

I don't really care about that, it's not really in my thought process, I'm just happy to do my work and go back to the farm.

I mean, not to diss the industry, but let's be honest: anyone can get a gold Logie.

No comment.

How glamorous is your life?

My existence is two worlds put together. Yesterday I was shovelling horse manure into my trailer at home, and I love the juxtaposition of that to now, I'm just about to head in to makeup to get a full face, I'll probably get my greys covered with hair dye, I'll get plastered in concealer makeup and a stylist will have a beautiful gown waiting for me. I don't know many people who have complete opposites in terms of glamour in their life, which is the way I love it. I love going from collecting poo in my horse paddock to what we call crash repairs in makeup, where they make me look like a completely transformed woman. I'll be honest: as a working mum I adore it, I absolutely love the pampering side of the job. It's just fabulous.

How similar is interviewing movie stars or pop stars to shovelling horse manure?

It can be very similar. Sometimes when you're interviewing someone who is maybe not as nice a person as what they're portraying, you do feel like you're pushing shit uphill, and you feel like you're looking at a paddock and there's so much shit you don't know where to start.

Is the serenity of farm life the key to your work-life balance?

Completely. If I didn't have the peace and serenity of my farm and my garden, I think I wouldn't be as happy, I wouldn't be as kind.

Is this the life you saw for yourself growing up?

I remember watching Tracy Grimshaw when I was in primary school, and I don't know where it came from, but I distinctly remember the thought process of "Oh I'd like to do that one day". But it was almost like a fleeting thought. The rest of my life I had all these other pursuits. I studied science at university, I wanted to be a vet. But it was like the calling kept coming back, the nagging voice in the back of my head. But there are moments – I had one last week when we were rehearsing and you see yourself on the monitor, and I had that flashback, thinking wow, I can't believe I'm actually here, doing this amazing job on national TV. I never ever take it for granted.

Are you a celebrity?

No! I hate that word. I hope people just say about me that she's someone that works in the media, and is passionate about causes that matter. I'm really uncomfortable with that word, because I think it's such a loaded title. I don't think it's healthy for our kids.

Obviously it'll be harder to avoid the term when you win your gold Logie.

I'm verrrry happy to be on the sidelines cheering, Ben.

The Project is on Ten, Sunday-Friday at 6.30pm.

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