Rash follows his dream, Charlie faces the future and 5 other Casualty spoilers

1. Last time Toby was in the hospital, Will promised to be with him when he had his first chemo session, but let him down. When Toby returns he’s still angry at Will and demands to be treated by another doctor. When test results reveal bad news for Toby, Will is determined to make things up to him, but risks the wrath of Connie (Amanda Mealing) to go the extra mile.

2. There’s a job offer for Elle (Jaye Griffiths) and a new uniform for Jade (Gabriella Leon).

3. Rash has packed his dreams of travelling away for now, as Gem wants to concentrate on being with Iain. When Mrs Masum is brought into hospital with a suspected heart problem, it seems to confirm his decision to stay in Holby. A patient helps him to see that there might be another way to live his life.

4. Archie and Will are both competing for a consultant position. Who’ll get the job – disciplined, serious Archie or the more emotional and unorthodox Will?

5. Duffy is setting up a dementia cubicle so that patients with dementia can feel safe and comfortable. She’s determined not to let the condition get the better of her, but Charlie can’t help reflecting on their years together and what might happen in the future.

6. Rash has to deal with a patient who tries her best to leave the ED, despite serious injuries. Can Rash get to the bottom of why she’s so aggressive?

7. Have the tissues ready for tonight’s Casualty – there’s more than one weepy moment.

Sue Haasler is the author of the official Holby City book, which you can read about here. Her latest novel, Half A World Away, is out now.

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