Rich House, Poor House viewers outraged as wealthy family order struggling counterparts to take off their shoes in their mansion but don't do the same in their flat

Richard Hansens and his wife Yoko left a note telling Sarah and Greg Gittings to take their shoes off when they moved into their £700k house.

The couples have swapped lives – and budgets – for a week as part of the show.

When Sarah and Greg arrived at the Hansens' luxury house near Bournemouth, they saw a note instructing them that shoes are not allowed in the house.

They stripped to their socks, but fans noticed the Hansen family kept their shoes on when they entered the Gittings' flat in Poole, Dorset.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to point out the mistake.

One wrote: "‘Please take your shoes off’ yet they walk round the poorer families flat with their shoes on! #RichHousePoorHouse #doublestandards #rude."

Another added: "But the rich family didn't remove their shoes in the poor house #RichHousePoorHouse."

A third tweeted: "We won't be taking our shoes off in your poor person hovel, though. #RichHousePoorHouse."

One more wrote: "#RichHousePoorHouse so they put a note out TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF!! Bit of a cheek when they rich family didn’t take these shoes off."

Towards the end of the week, Greg and Sarah went on a shopping spree – buying brand new trainers, a football, a dress for Maddie and even an iPad for little Albie.

"I've been wanting these forever," Maddie gushed over her trainers, while Liam exclaimed: "Oh my God, she got you an iPad?" to his little brother.

Proud dad Greg told the Channel 5 cameras: "It was brilliant to see the looks on their faces. I loved it."

Full-time mum Sarah and her painter decorator husband Greg live in a cramped two-bed ground floor housing association flat with their three kids Maddie, Albie and Liam.

They were given a shock when the moved into the home of Richard and Yoko, who live in a five-bed, two-bath house worth £700,000 with their son Austin, 10.

They found themselves with a healthy £1,386 budget after the swap as they previously lived on just £116 a week.

Rich House Poor House is on Thursdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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