TV highlights for Friday, May 18

Season final ★★★
7.30pm, SBS

Michael Portillo presents Great British Railways.

Michael Portillo must get a lot of rest stops in nice hotels on these railway journeys. No ordinary traveller could remain so crisp and enthusiastic after bumpety-bumping their way across even this green and pleasant land. Yet here he is in his crumple-less cerise jacket, soaking up the cathedrals of Norwich and Chichester, the Brighton Pavilion, and enjoying some vintage motorsport at Goodwood.

Double episode ★★
8.30pm, SBS Food Network

The MasterChef guest judge pulls her own reality cooking show stunt on an unsuspecting street food vendor in Shanghai. Gesturing wildly and shouting at him in English, eventually stuffing money into his shirt pocket, she takes over his wok to fry some pork fillets, to much confusion. She's more comfortable back in the kitchen, demonstrating caramelised whitebait and pondering the rich history of her ancestral homeland.

6.30pm, Ten

No one can accuse this suburban soapie of boring whiteness any more. Tonight's half-hour of melodrama manages to squeeze in women's AFL, racial prejudice, a blended-family conundrum and a big ol' gay pash. You'd be hard pressed to find a more definitive snapshot of Australia in 2018 than two strapping young lads enjoying a couple of beers on the beach and breathlessly declaring their devotion to one another.

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