Unlucky Olly Murs reveals he was caught with his PANTS DOWN in terror scare after attack at Simon Cowell’s Sony HQ

The singer and hundreds of terrified staff fled a knife attack at Sony Music HQ last Friday, which turned out to be a fight between kitchen staff.

The drama unfolded almost a year after Olly found himself inside Selfridges on London’s Oxford St during what was feared to be a terror assault.

Olly tweeted about hearing gunshots during the incident last November, which was actually just a false alarm.

Speaking about last week’s incident at Sony’s London offices for the first time, Olly said: “I was there — with my pants down.

“I was doing a styling fitting so I was getting changed and trying to put clothes on then we heard this big kerfuffle and a lot of noise.

“The whole place got ­evacuated. To walk past the canteen, to see what had ­happened — there was a lot of blood and two guys involved in a fight.

“I put my trousers on, I put my suit on — I looked like MC Hammer, I had these massive trousers on — but listen, it was dealt with the right way. Sony dealt with it really well.

“The most important thing is no one died, the people have been arrested and they will get dealt with.”

Olly, who came into my Bizarre office yesterday to take over today’s column to celebrate the release of his brilliant sixth album You Know I Know, was famously ribbed about the tweets he sent from Selfridges last year.

There had been widespread panic in the area after a nearby Tube station was ­evacuated. As cops warned people to stay inside, he wrote: “F***, everyone get out of Selfridges now. Gun shots!”

Police later said no guns had gone off and the entire Tube incident had been a false alarm.

But for Olly the fear was real. He said: “I’ve been involved in two similar things now, I’m unlucky at the moment.

“It was one of those moments when you think ‘Not again’. The police were running in with guns and stuff like that.

“It was a knife fight. Listen, anyone that sees a knife fight, there’s nothing nice about that.

“That is brutal and, to be fair, there were a few people that got involved that were amazing, that got the guy down, that got the knife away. There was a lot of bravery involved.

“It could have been ­terrible, we could be sat here now talking about someone dying.

“I really did have a little moment — I got home and thought, ‘God, not again’.”

The two men allegedly involved in the fight were treated for injuries and then arrested.

Hopefully Olly can avoid getting Wrapped Up in anything like that again.

Olly Bit

THE singer is back to  his best with his new poptastic album, featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg, Shaggy and Nile Rogers. It also comes with a bonus disc of his major hits. Listen to You Know, I Know now.

Cheryl's a no-go, bro

THIS isn’t just a big  day for Olly – his old  X ­Factor pal Cheryl  is also dropping new music with the release of her feisty new single Love Made Me Do It and a sultry video.

For the first time in their friendship, the pair find themselves both single – but Olly insists the Girls Aloud star is strictly off limits.

He says: “Cheryl is an amazing person. When I first met her on X Factor years ago it was hard not to be, ‘Wow – it’s Cheryl’. She’s just as gorgeous in real life as she is on TV. But Liam Payne and I have known each other a long time and he is a mate of mine.

“I have never really thought of her in that way and Liam is my mate – it is bro code.

“It was quite a hard exterior to break down to get to know Cheryl.

“She’s been in the industry such a long time and she’s very thick skinned. It took her years to see I’m a genuine person.

“When I worked on X Factor I actually got to know her really, really well. She’s a lovely  person.”


The singer, who collaborated with Demi on hit single Up in 2014, reached out to the American superstar after he heard the news that she was in hospital.

He said: “I tweeted at the time and Instagrammed, hoping that she sees I’m supporting her.

“Even if I had never met Demi, I feel for someone that’s been through that.” Olly added: “I spoke about mental health recently and I think people look at it in black and white.

“They go, ‘They’re famous, they have the house, they have the money, they have this massive lifestyle’.”

“But what comes with that is a lot of other pressures.”

Demi, who is reported to be living part-time in a ‘sober house’, branded the musician “the sweetest guy in the world” after they worked together.

I’m sure she appreciated Olly’s support.

Pub job isn't half Brad

HOSTING your own TV show in a pub with one of your best mates sounds like a dream job.

And Olly is getting to do exactly that next month when he will be joined in his local boozer by “showbiz dad” Bradley Walsh to film ITV’s Happy Hour.

Olly said: “It’s like Saturday Night Takeaway meets TFI Friday. It’s fun but crazy, in a pub environment. I’ve got some really amazing special guests – Sir Tom Jones, Emma Willis and Rochelle Humes. It’s  f***ing hilarious. And obviously with me and Bradley hosting it.”

While it’s intended to be a one-off special, Olly teased Happy Hour could get a full series, adding: “We’ll have to wait and see.”

The X Factor 2009 runner-up returns to the talent show  on Saturday to perform his track Moves, and admitted he’d love to end up as a show judge one day.  He said: “To go full ­circle,  from contestant to a judge, would be amazing.”

Olly Bit

OLLY has given his ­verdict on Olympic gymnast Louis Smith’s new quiff – which is now bigger than his. He said: “That’s a big old quiff, that is. It’s like Viagra hairspray. Need to get me some of that.”

Olly's waxing lyrical for love

TO prove his love for ‘The One’, Olly has revealed  he would wax his private parts.

He  said: “F*** me – how women do it I do not know. I’m not sure I’ve got it in me. But if I was with a girl and she said to me, ‘Look, Olly . . .’ If she was the girl of my dreams and she said ‘the only thing I don’t like about you is . . .’ I’d have to do it. I would do that for her. That’s love, innit.”


TURNS out Olly might ring up a hefty phone bill voting on this year’s X Factor – as he’s rooting for ROBBIE WILLIAMS to take the judging crown. The former host of the show said:  “Robbie and I are good mates so I’m going  to be making sure I’m rooting for him.”

ANT McPARTLIN can count on Olly as a shoulder to lean on as he goes through his divorce. He said of  the troubled TV star: “I’m  really happy  that he’s  happy.  Anyone that’s been through a divorce . . . it’s always messy. It’s never going to be plain sailing, from what I’ve heard.”

ED SHEERAN is a global superstar – and Olly reckons they have a few things in common. Speaking about Ed, who wrote his latest single Moves, Olly  said: “We have  the same work ethic, which is what we both connected with. We’re both down to earth and don’t take it for granted.”

MOST people wouldn’t complain about having a famous ex, but  Olly believes it is preventing him from finding The One. Recalling his fling with MELANIE SYKES, he said: “If I date, they’re going  to know that  I had  a fling  with  Melanie – they’re going  to know that  I did  these  things.”

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