What happened to Felix and Lucy in Bird Box, did they survive and is Netflix working on a sequel?

The movie has been trending on social media since its release – and it seems a lot of fans have unanswered questions, like what happened to Felix and Lucy?

What happened to Felix and Lucy in Bird Box?

The pair cross paths for the first time at Greg’s house following the outbreak of a mysterious mist that sweeps across the globe, showing anyone that dares to look at it terrifying apocalyptic creatures that force people to kill themselves.

At Greg’s house, the pair work together with the likes of Malorie (Bullock), Douglas (John Malkovich) and Tom (Trevante Rhodes) to try and survive the plague that has been rapidly killing off the majority of the world’s population.

For a while, the group appear to be doing pretty well given the circumstances (aka Armageddon), but after Greg dies while trying to figure out a way to get more supplies, reality hits Lucy hard.

Shortly afterwards, a distraught Lucy and Felix, who by this point have become more than just friends, steal the car the group had been using to get essential supplies from a local supermarket and disappear into the night.

Bird Box viewers never see Lucy or Felix again – so the big question is, what happens to them? Do they survive?

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly and American Horror Story actress Rosa Salazar, who play the characters, have been inundated with questions from fans on Twitter – however, neither have so far cleared up the confusion.

Fortunately for viewers, one Twitter user appears to have come up with a possible explanation.

They write: “The most common theory on where Felix and Lucy went with the car is back to the supermarket. Lucy clearly was interested in Doug’s idea of staying put in the grocery store.”

A Bird Box fan on Reddit also backs up this possibility, suggesting: “I think it's more of a stretch to say that Felix convinced Lucy or vice versa, rather than that this was their plan all along.

“This is after the grocery trip. She just learned how to manoeuvre in a car with blacked out windows, she now knows where the fully-stocked store is and how to get there.

“This is also right after Douglas and Malorie have the conversation about there being two kinds of people: the a****** and the dead. Turns out they were pretty close, because after the a******s (Felix and Lucy) steal the car, Gary comes in, ultimately leading to the death of the overwhelming majority of the cast. Malorie must be a third kind of person, or an a******. But that's beside the point.”

Will there be a Bird Box sequel?

Of course, the only way fans will know if Lucy and Felix survive for sure is if there’s a Bird Box 2.

Netflix is yet to confirm whether there will be a sequel to the movie, but given the response it’s received so far, fans should probably watch this space pretty closely.

Bird Box is available to watch on Netflix. 

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