Boy, 9, mown down chasing football into road – but miraculously survives unhurt

A young boy had a miracle escape when he ran across a road without looking and was sent flying into the air by a car.

Distressing footage of the crash shows nine-year-old Bradley-Joe Chambers running into the street after his football.

Seconds later he’s struck by a Citroen Picasso, rolling onto the bonnet and then falling onto the road, before miraculously escaping unscathed.

His dad Marc, who wants everyone to see the footage, was clearing the dinner table when got a terrifying knock at the door.

The 36-year-old said: "We all had dinner together and then Bradley went off to play football with his friends.

"A friend’s mum came, knocked at the door and say ‘your boy’s been hit’.

"I legged it down, the emotions I was feeling were unreal.

"When I noticed he was standing there my emotions went from being frightened and scared, then relief.

"All Bradley wanted to do was go and play football with his friends.

"At that time there were lots of people talking to me.

"Then my friend came out of the launderette and showed me the CCTV."

Bradley-Joe, Marc and mum Robyn, all sat and watched the footage together.

Robyn, 32, said: "I felt sick to my stomach. There’s imagining it then there’s seeing it.

"It’s amazing he got up unhurt. It’s crazy – I keep reliving it."

Marc said: "As soon as I saw it I was upset and angry. I don’t want anyone to feel that way.

"I just thought ‘how is he alive? He should be dead’.

"I just kept hugging Bradley-Joe. I looked at him and told him he’s lucky to be alive, the sun was shining down on him.

"We’ve been thanking our lucky stars since."

Marc said Bradley-Joe had broken his elbow weeks before in a Segway accident.

Marc said: "He landed on the cast and I think if it wasn’t for it he would have been a lot more hurt, it cushioned the blow."

Marc said Bradley-Joe saw a nurse but was lucky to get away with a few bruises.

Bradley-Joe, who used to play for Sutton United and is "football mad" was not allowed out that evening.

Marc said: "I told him in future to leave the football – I can buy a new football but not a new son."

After posting the video online, Marc said: "This video is of my son Bradley-Joe Chambers running into a road without looking and being hit by a car.

"I want this video to go viral to show how easy it is and how lucky he was to still be alive."

He added: "I’m also very grateful to the driver of the car for actually doing the right speed, any faster I would’ve lost my boy.

"If anyone knows the driver please put them in touch with me – I want to thank them for helping him, I’ve never been so scared in my whole life."

Marc and Robyn hope by sharing the dramatic footage, they can raise awareness of the importance of road safety.

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