'Britain's meanest warden' who boasted online about ticketing a nurse, a sewer worker and a 'pr*ck in a shiny Jag' now faces sack over her OWN parking sins

Zoe Brunt, 44 – dubbed Britain’s most evil meter maid – even posted pictures of her own car on double yellows claiming it was “a perk of the job”.

The body-building mum-of-one gloated about nicking football fans, a nurse, a sewer worker and a “pr*ck in a shiny Jag” in her messages.

She even boasted it was “total job satisfaction” after he nearly burst into tears.

But after finishing work in Louth, Lincs, last week, the pint-sized former Sheffield and Lincoln bier keller bouncer got a taste of her own medicine.

The Sun planted a penalty notice on the windscreen of HER Skoda Citigo with a picture of the illegally-parked motor inside the pouch.

Brunt, originally from Essex, has worked for six months as a civil enforcement officer (CEO) for parking company APCOA in Lincolnshire, where wardens are dubbed ‘Green Goblins’.

Last night county councillor Richard Davies who oversees highways said: “These Incidents fall well below the standards we expect from APCOA who we commission to carry out our parking enforcement.

“I intend to investigate all of these incidents and appropriate action will be taken.”

APCOA added: “We have suspended the employee and are conducting an internal investigation. APCOA holds its staff to the highest standard, so it is disappointing to see this behaviour and comments online.”

In June Brunt was in the seaside resort of Mablethorpe when she apparently swooped on a drain unblocker.

She told her 1,100 Facebook friends: “Absolute classic today! Bloke comes out of public toilets to a parking ticket cos he parked in taxi rank.

“Calls me lots of names and says he bets I love my job, I say yep especially giving people like you tickets unlike you who has to clear out people sh*t and costs you £70 for a p*ss!”

With a crying with laughing emoji, she adds: “CEO 1 Dynorod 0.”

Next month she writes: “A classic one today…

“An off duty nurse pulls up in a disabled bay. I inform her she can’t park there, she says she just wants to pop in to get her lunch.

“I say ok but I will issue you a pcn if you do not move. She says I hope you never need a nurse.

“I say I hope you never need a disabled parking space (similing emoji) good day young lady lol.”

In August she sneered: “I have discovered the definition of total job satisfaction – issuing a pcn to a compleat (sic) pr*ck with a proper nice shinny (sic) Jag who refuses to take it when handed to him while calling me all sorts of names but is suddenly almost reduced to tears when I stick it on his windscreen (crying with laughing emoji).”

That post received 37 likes and laughs from friends.

Brunt targeted supporters of Northern Premier League side Gainsborough Trinity – not far from where she lives.

She wrote: “Even though Gainsborough Trinity FC played and won there was a few disappointed fans (crying emoji) shouldn’t park like pratts (crying with laughing emoji). #itwasme.”

That same Saturday she posted a photo of her red Skoda near the Northolme Stadium on yellows with the words: “So bloody handy knowing when the CEO’s are off duty (crying with laughing emoji) #perksofthejob.”

One of her victims Shaune Michaels, 31, of Gainsborough, said: “After reading those posts, she must be the most evil warden in the country.

“She got my green Fiesta a couple of weeks ago, and took so much pleasure from it.

“I was in a half hour bay on Bridge Street, the only place I could get outside my flat. She was then heard in the town bragging about it.

“It is not the £25 fine, it is the fact she takes pleasure in ruining the day for people then brags about it on Facebook.”

Last week The Sun watched her pound the streets of Louth, stepping behind corners while printing out tickets in an apparent attempt to avoid being seen.

When she returned to the APCOA base in Lincoln to find our parking ticket, she bleated the picture of her Skoda on double yellows was “a joke”.

As other parking wardens surrounded her in support, she insisted she was not mocking any driver on Facebook but failed to give any excuse for why she made the comments.

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Traffic warden parks illegally on a busy corner so she can run off and fine van drivers

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