California bar shooter barricaded himself in house during incident earlier this year

The gunman in California’s mass shooting had reportedly barricaded himself inside his house with furniture and a bullet was fired through the wall during a domestic incident earlier this year.

Police had blocked off the street for hours in a tense negotiation with Ian David Long who eventually surrendered without incident, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“They couldn’t get him out for a long time, like half the day,” neighbor Richard Berge told the paper.

It was not clear if Long had fired the shot that went through the wall.

Ventura police said Thursday there was a disturbance at the home in April but did not provide details.

They added that mental health specialists were dispatched but it was determined that Long was not a threat and did not require an involuntary psychiatric hold.

Under California law, a person who is committed to a mental health facility involuntarily can not purchase or possess firearms.

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